What diets should MSers follow?

In this video Cat interviews Dr Jeremy Chataway who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Shift.ms

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Cat: In terms of diets, obviously diet’s a very kind of prominent discussion point with MS, are there any diets that you recommend people following?

Dr Jeremy Chataway, Neurologist: Well, diets, I think it’s whatever a person finds helpful. Diets do come and go a little bit in MS and of course they never have the same rigorous treatments as a drug going into trial, but nonetheless, diets I think can be helpful. There’s the Jelinek diet, the Swank diet. I think some people, some patients I have find that lowering their lactose, their sugar is useful. Sometimes lowering their gluten, though not going on a gluten-free diet, can be useful. I think eating healthily, I think sort of Mediterranean style with chicken and fish and vegetables and salads, easier in the summer. I think those sorts of approaches can be useful. I mean I think my view on diets is always quite relaxed, if a person wants to try something out for a period of time, that’s utterly reasonable. Just perhaps be cautious of extreme dieting. We must always make sure that we’re getting enough minerals and vitamins and protein into our body to support ourselves. So always be a little bit careful about more extreme diets, but if you are talking to an MSer and they say that diet worked for me, then why not try it out for three or six months, that’s reasonable.

Cat: And you’ve just mentioned vitamins, are there any vitamin supplements that you would advise MSers to take?

Dr Jeremy Chataway: Yeah, I mean vitamin D is very current at the moment. Again, its position is a little bit uncertain, but it seems a reasonable thing to do, and that dose can be three or 5,000 units per day, that can be purchased just over the counter at any of the pharmacists. And then having just a good balanced diet, but vitamin D is quite current at the moment.

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