What is current MS research focusing on?

In this video Marlo interviews Professor David Baker who is a Researcher. The interview was filmed by Stephanie

Video transcript

Marlo: What is current MS research focussing on?

David Baker, Researcher: It really depends on what your interest is. I think we’re focussing on everything, because you don’t want to focus on just one thing, because if we get it wrong, we’ve gone down a dead end. So some things will work and some things won’t work. But we’re focussing on repair, we’re focussing on progression, because that’s where we obviously aren’t doing so well. And we need to think about maybe cause as well, because if we can work out what is the cause of MS we can maybe stop the next generation of people getting MS. So, you know, I think it’s encouraging, I think there’s a lot of research going on and I’m hopeful change will occur, but it’s a very slow process.

Marlo: Do you think there’s enough being done by way of research for people with progressive MS?

David Baker: There’s never enough research, but I think there’s a real focus, so there’s a thing called the Progressive Alliance, which is a group of a lot of different MS societies from around the world – UK, Canada, Australia – they have got an alliance and essentially they’re getting everybody from around the world and they’re really focussing on progressive MS. So they’ve had calls, there’s I think 22 million dollars have been raised already for the research, so research is happening and it will start to move. So I think we’ll start to see some benefit, it’s going to be too slow, but I think things will change, and I think things are changing.

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