Should cannabis be legalised for people with MS?

In this video Rachel interviews Gen Edwards who is a Director of External Affairs - MS Society. The interview was filmed by

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Should cannabis be legalised for people with MS?

Well, we think it’s really bad that people with MS are put in a position where they’re having to break the law to manage those symptoms, or put up with relentless, very difficult symptoms that can make it hard to manage everyday life. So we looked at our position and we are asking the government to legalise cannabis for medicinal use for MS.

RachelHave you had any response from the government so far on this?

GenNot directly. We have written to the Home Secretary, but obviously when we made this position public, they put out a statement and said they had no plans at the moment to make any changes. But we are asking and we will ask again.
Maybe the letter got lost in the post?

MS Reporter Rachel asks Gen if cannabis should be legalised for people with MS
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MS Reporter: Rachel
MS Expert: Gen Edwards, Director of External Affairs, MS Society

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