Can physiotherapy help with bladder and bowel control?

In this video Susie interviews Christy Holland who is a Physiotherapist. The interview was filmed by Kirby

Video transcript

Susie, Can physiotherapy treatment help with bladder control?

Christy Holland,Physiotherapist, Bladder and bowel control, bladder and bowel control in MS is a common problem. Physiotherapy, can be helpful as part of a wider package. It’s not usual that physiotherapy, in MS alone is going to help solve the problem and you’ll probably need to speak to your MS nurse or local continence team about exactly what your problems are. However, both your bladder and your pelvic floor are both muscles that are really important helping you control your bladder and sometimes the messages in MS don’t always reach those muscles or give them the right messages to be able to control what’s happening with your bladder and bowel. There are other reasons why these muscles can become weak, and that can be if you have chronic constipation, some surgical procedures, and for women, pregnancy and a physiotherapist can assess you to find out if exercises to help you strengthen those muscles would be of benefit.

MS Reporter: Susie
Physiotherapist: Christy Holland

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