How can MSers find out more about the work at the Anne Rowling Clinic?

In this video Claire interviews Dr Anna Williams who is a Neurologist. The interview was filmed by Sigrid

Video transcript

Claire, And how can MSers find out more about the work that you do?

Dr Anna Williams, Neurologist. Right, so there’s a website from this building – so this is the Centre for Regenerative Medicine – and so if you go to that website then you can go down ‘Researches’, or you can just go to MS, and then it goes to ‘My page’, and this has all just been very much updated to look beautiful, recently. So there’s the web page for that. Of course people can watch these videos, and our previous ones. The other thing is, I often do public speaking to MS Society groups or groups of teachers or small kids, or various things within the university. So if people were interested they should keep their eyes on websites for the local groups, because it’s not just me, but other people from the building will go round and talk about research, both about MS and other diseases that you need regenerative medicine for. So it should be findable and if the worst comes to the worst, email me.

MS Reporter : Claire
MS Expert : Dr Anna Williams, Neurologist.

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