How can having MS change my sex life?

In this video Nat interviews Nicki Abel who is a MS Specialist Nurse. The interview was filmed by Vicki

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On behalf of the MS Community, MS Reporter Nat asks Nicki Abel MS Specialist nurse how having MS change your sex life?
How can having MS change my sex life?

Nicki Abel MS Specialist nurse Yeah, good question. For some people with MS it’s not going to change their sex life at all.

Nat Okay.

For other people, they’re going to maybe have intermittent problems. For some, more troublesome problems that can be more permanent.


It’s probably easier to divide it into different categories. So first of all, what are the direct effects that the disease can have upon your sex life? So, for some it can reduce their sexual desire, their libido. For others, it may affect their ability to have an orgasm. And for men, it can affect their ability to get an erection. Then there are symptoms, obviously, of MS that can affect your sexual response, and let’s face it, you’re not going to feel very sexy if you feel incredibly fatigued. So that is something to bear in mind as well.


And symptoms such as incontinence can also affect your ability to have sex. And then of course, there’s that huge area of psychological issues, perhaps feeling anxious, feeling depressed, having financial problems, that can affect you too. The other thing to remember is that some of your medications that you’re on can affect you sexually, and so it’s really important that you discuss your problems with your MS nurse or your consultant or your GP.
Nat Wonderful, that’s great.
And with relation to, obviously you’re saying the psychological and physical side effects of things, where would you kind of advise people where to go and turn to for help or assistance in relation to those two separate kind of matters or issues?

Well, there are solutions to the majority of issues that people are going to face, so it’s important that you go and see your MS nurse. She’s got an abundance of experience in dealing with sexual difficulties. So talk to your MS nurse, if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll know a man who can.

Nat Wonderful, that’s great. Thank you very much, that’s really helpful.

MS Reporter: Nat
Expert: Nicki Abel, MS Specialist Nurse

Interview themes:
– Loss of libido or sexual desire can be a direct result of MS.
– Symptoms such as fatigue, bladder issues, anxiety may also impact on sex life.
– Important to communicate with your partner
– Speak to your MS Nurse who has a wealth of knowledge to offer.


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