Bernie Porter talks about her NeuroResponse care plan service

In this video Paul interviews Bernadette Porter who is a MS Nurse. The interview was filmed by

Video transcript

Paul: And did you have the chance to discuss about your NeuroResponse platform with your colleagues and whether they could use some similar tool in their countries?

Bernadette Porter, MS Nurse: Yes, thank you for asking that. I’ve spent a lot of time at the meeting, meeting other colleagues from across the globe and as you say, I’ve created NeuroResponse as a new digital care model which allows individual people with MS to have their care plan on an app that links into the specialist hospitals, their GPs, or to anywhere really that the individual wants to hook up. And it’s applicable internationally, so I’ve met lots of people from Ireland, Spain, the States, all across Europe, talking about how we could diffuse and bring the model of care across the world.

Paul: That’s great, thank you.

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