"How you know 
whether every symptom you have is MS or not 
or something else?"


"You wouldn’t know to look at me, but, my symptoms are hidden…I suffer with fatigue and anxiety goes hand in hand with fatigue."


"I feel constantly dizzy all day everyday, is that normal MS symptoms? ... will it pass or do I have to find ways to cope with it?."


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Not all symptoms are obvious and it’s difficult describing them to people that don’t have MS. Join the community and chat to other MSers who’ve experienced similar symptoms and can understand.

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"When I was diagnosed I couldn't find people in the same situation as me to talk to and connect with. I needed to speak honestly and openly to people who understood, often about invisible symptoms that were hard to explain.'

So I started Shift.ms, a network of people living around the world with MS that could be reached for anything and everything."

Founded by MSers, for MSers, 
Shift.ms is a charity that supports many thousands of recently diagnosed people across the world as they make 
sense of MS.

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George Pepper, 
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 Invisible Symptoms of MS 

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symptoms of MS

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