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yay!!! :)

My vision is now back to normal. No more being cross eyed and double vision pain and foggy!! I’m so happy I can get back to normal for now. Don’t know when it will come back or even what will happen next but I start medication soon so I really Hope the rest of this year I will have no more symptoms!!! Us this likely? Is it possible I can go rest of the year being fine? Xx

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5 years ago

Of course it’s possible!

5 years ago

Great news!
I had double vision and cross eyes for 8 months, it was awful. But I haven’t had any vision problems for over a year now. Hopefully once you get on your meds you will have no more problems 🙂

5 years ago

@scarletmartina7, great news about your eyes.
Now, the future is in your hands. Try and live stress-free, as much as you can. Have a balanced diet and practice moderation, i.e. try not to overdo it.
MS is manageable. Just respect its existence and work with it, then you both may be able to live in peaceful harmony.
Take care. 🙂

5 years ago

😀 Thankyou xx

5 years ago

Good advice from stumbler there as usual. Although not everybody can opt for a completely stress free life, it’s amazing what you can achieve in this area if you decide that lowering stress is your primary priority…

I’m just really pleased that you are sounding so positive as it’s your best friend in all things MS. And as far as the rest of the year being relapse free is concerned, why not? I’ve been in this state for well over a year now and I’m hoping that 2013 will turn out the same for both of us 🙂


5 years ago

Really pleased for ya. Yup positivity is our ally in this thing we have.

Every day with it really is an adventure. None of us knows what’s gonna happen on any particular day. Just glad for you that this day went your way!


5 years ago

woohoo congrats!

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5 years ago

Absolutely delighted for you! Gives me hope! I’m going in for iv steroids next week which I hope will get rid of the double vision. I found since trying to have a more balanced diet and reducing stress, the double vision that I once had all the time, now comes and goes so it definitely does play a part in keeping it settled. As I said delighted for ya and all the best for the future x

5 years ago

Thankyou! Wish you all the best xx

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