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Wrist pain

Hi. I’ve had pain in my left wrist for a while now. It’s intermittent- comes for a week or so then goes again for a few weeks. It’s caused by certain movements although that’s not consistent; i can sit and twirl my wrist around no problem but tgen when I try a much smaller movement without thinking about it- say to pick up a cup- it’s agony and I lose power in my wrist and hand. I wasn’t sure whether it was MS or something else, it all seemed a bit random, but now my otger wrist is doing exactly the same so I know it’s not an injury. Anyone else suffer with wrists? It does seem a bit weird.

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1 year ago

Excuse the typos…

1 year ago

@niccis , typos? What typos? 😉

I’d have a word with your GP about this. It could be something like Tendinitis, which just requires a bit of support and maybe some Ibuprofen.

1 year ago


I apologize in advance. When I see “It’s caused by certain movements although that’s not consistent; i can sit and twirl my wrist” – all I think of suggesting is quit masturbating.

Some people never mature – I do not apologize for being one of them…

Hopefully others may assist with your serious question.

1 year ago

@edmontonalberta – funnily enough, the folk I work with always ask me whether I’ve been masturbating too much when I say I’ve got wrist issues… At least it gets rid of the discussion about whilst an apparently healthy person works in wrist splints (obviously the masturbating, not the disabling undisclosed neurological condition) 😳🙂.

@niccis – I have similar. It comes and goes. If you look at the dermatomes, many nerves supply the hands and wrists, if you have a motor issue with one or two nerves (caused by spinal lesions), the forearm still works but the other muscles compensate for those that aren’t working, the muscles that are compensating can’t cope and become sore, hence pain … Well that’s what happens in my case. My main issue is wrist extension and rotation, so I use a wrist splint for a couple of weeks (I have a custom made one, but the ones from boots work too) and it settles eventually.

To reach the above conclusions I had quite a lot of input (I work in limb rehab)… Depends to what extent its a “new symptom” for you… You could chat to your GP as they will be able to give you an antiflammatory, and check you haven’t got anything else, or you can ring team MS and ask for a physio referral/say you have a bit of wrist weakness and see what they say.

1 year ago

I’m afraid I’m as juvenile as @edmontonalberta . I’m just imagining both Boris and The Donald suffering terribly with this condition, and I hope it really, really hurts (them, not you, of course).

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