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Worth a look.

This disturbing video shows the exact reason Paul is going to Russia for HSCT.The drugs prescribed by nuerologists have…

Posted by Claire Morrison on Sunday, May 6, 2018

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8 months ago

Here’s the video mentioned above :-

8 months ago

Thanks @stumbler what did you think? I know pharmaceuticals is just a business but apart from here where do people get sound advice!

8 months ago

This is indeed worth a look. One thing that didn’t get mentioned (unless I missed it) was the idea that these DMDs can also reduce the severity of relapses. If this proved true – and for that we need to rely on the world of medical research – then many would probably still opt to take that route. I get what the clip is claiming, and what we are expected to believe and understand by it. However as of now, I am not medically trained, I don’t have the same expertise of my own neuro, for example, and need to trust in what those people in whom I place my trust are telling me. As we all know regarding medicine, finding a cure for conditions like ours would bankrupt Pharma, so I do recognise that there is this darker side of things.

If I was really cynical, I would worry about about where that well-known phrase for the newly diagnosed ‘hit it early and fast‘ originated in support of fast-tracking DMDs……myself, when I was steered towards the DMD clinic at the time of being diagnosed, I felt more vulnerable than at any other time in my life.

This is a debate that could – and should – run and run. In the meantime, I guess people like me with a relatively new diagnosis get by on a mix of blind faith, hope, trust and fear until the ultimate breakthrough comes along and there is positive news for everyone.

8 months ago

Its important to note the drugs that are being discussed in the video are the earlier drugs when there were no other options really available. Today there are a wide range of drugs and they each have different outcomes. Here is a well respected MS clinic in the US that I follow on a regular basis. If you are on a DMT or considering taking/not taking one, do take the time to spend 45 minutes to see a detailed view of each of them. That clinic treats lots of patients and they have a good reputation of really good outcomes. Listen to their tone in this video below. I dont think its meant to be scary or dramatic, just putting the facts out there.

By the way in the original video it discusses doctors taking money from pharma. In the US we have a website that lists all the money they received and for what reason. My wife’s doctor is counted in the 90% as receiving money, but it was only reimbursement for training on how to administer and deal with the side effects of a new drug. That wasnt even the drug he recommended for her. Yes he might have gotten a nice trip out of it, but he was probably also away from his family etc for a week, but he isnt richer for it.

8 months ago

Every single person taking, or considering taking a DMD, should watch all of this
Thank you👏🌈💐✨

8 months ago


Informative video on DMT analysis. Thanks.

8 months ago

Paul, DMDs and big pharma aside, you making the right decision….

Best of luck

8 months ago

Thanks seanachai. I can’t say that it is right for everyone, but I know for certain it is right for me regardless of outcome.

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