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Worried I have MS.. Please read my symptoms

I’ve recently been suffering from a few odd symptoms since coming down ill with a cough and cold.

– I’ve experienced dizzy spells, almost as if I’m drunk/tipsy and I need to sit down.
– I’ve suffered from several chronic headaches, one in which began behind my right eye and went all the way down to my neck.
– When my brain tells my arm to do something I sometimes cannot do it or I loose grip of what I was holding.
– My legs feel very weak and my whole body almost feels as if it isn’t mine and that I’m floating.
– And I have had trouble getting my sentences out properly- almost slurred and broken sentences.
– I have had tingling sensations like pins and needs in my hands and toes also. And pains running throughout my arm.

I’m a 19 year old female, usually fit and well but I am quite concerned at the onset of these symptoms. I am going round the doctors tomorrow evening. So hopefully will get some sort of answer.

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5 years ago

Well they could be MS symptoms but they could equally well NOT be! No doctor is going to tell you you have MS on a first consultation and may in fact give you the brush off, so be prepared. It’s more likely he’ll tell you to come back if it doesn’t all resolve of its own accord – and he’d be right to because it probably will! What I suggest is that you start a symptom diary so that if you have to go back to the doctor you’ll have everything in writing. MS is notoriously difficult to diagnose, but what we do know is that stressful living can make everything worse. So – get your diary started, be prepared to get not very much from the GP and then do your best to relax, indulge in imagining and give your body a chance to get over it. Let us know how it goes. Lots of luck and best wishes.

5 years ago

Sorry – meant to say DON’T indulge in imagining!

5 years ago

@shanniec1, glad you came and joined us. We have a few members that have not yet been diagnosed, so you’re more than welcome.
Wise words above from @cameron.
It could be a wise move to print out your symptoms from the post above, so that you can pass these to your GP, so that he/she has a note of all your symptoms. It saves forgetting anything.
Otherwise, try and chill out a bit, pamper yourself and take it easy. The body has ways of recovering from symptoms like this, given a chance.

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