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Work issues

Hey just needing to rant a wee bit, those that have been following I have been signed off work went back as felt under pressure with a welfare meeting as was off for 7 weeks with optic neuritis.
Explained to my work at this meeting about the other issues I have, weakness in my leg results in it being dragged, staggering,pain, numbness, burning ect Balance all over the place and a bit wobbly.
Back on less hours
Said I couldn’t do top shelving as a result as have to climb on a stool ….. and would fall off am a team leader in a store.
This is my 3rd shift back was supposed to be signed off until the 11th of dec but pressured into coming back early ….. waiting on lumbar puncture

Tonite I was given a discussion form from the manager ( kinda like a disaplinary) as He said I didn’t do what he asked on sun which was work the top shelves I said I couldn’t as was advised already because of my balance and wasn’t disscussing this with him any longer without a union rep he refused me one, so I said I won’t discuss it anymore with you let me get on with my job he said no we are talking about this now I refused without my legal right said let me carry on with me job and we can discuss this matter with my union rep present he once again refused so I walked out …..
I felt bullied and victimised because I am ill and can’t do these things because of my health which he was made aware of …….
feeling really hurt and upset about it as I felt like I had no option but to walk out not once did he ask how I was feeling …..

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4 months ago

You did the right thing mate by walking out if the guy can’t consider the way ms is going he aint worth the air he breaves

4 months ago

@niteowl , we’re there any witnesses to this discussion? It’s just that those actions are tantamount to constructive dismissal!

Your Manager is in contravention of the Equality Act 2010, so is actually breaking the law. There’s more details of the protection you have here :-

But, you need a way forward. Are you able to request an informal meeting with your Manager, to try to discuss the situation vis-à-vis the Equality Act, to “clear the air”? Or is this approach untenable?

Who does your Manager report too? A Regional Manager? Is this someone you could talk to?

Who was present at this Welfare Meeting? Could you request a further meeting?

You could also contact your Union or ACAS ( . But, this action could be inflammatory.

By the way, if your Doctor has signed you off, you shouldn’t really return to work unless the Doctor signs you back on. But, that’s a minor point in this situation. You may want to have a word with your Doctor, to see if they want to sign you off for a further period.

I can imagine what this situation is doing to you, so you do need to emphasise to all parties concerned that stress is damaging to your long term health.

Please keep us updated on this situation.

4 months ago

Hi Stumbler yes I had said no I was not continuing this conversation without the union rep and to let me get on with my job he said NO come to the office and we will discuss this further this was all done via the work headsets which was overheard by other staff members this was why I said it via the headset so it was overheard.
I made it clear I would not discuss the matter any further without the union rep and I would have to walk out out the door if he was to continue, he carried on with this attitude in the office and I said well I will have to walk out the door as you have left me no choice so he said that’s your choice …… I had no option as I felt bullied by him.
My line manager was not there, only 3 other members of staff, I came home and contacted my line manager and she called me straight away I explained what happened and she advised me to put in an official complaint to the area manager as he cannot do this ……
Thank you I will look at these links and today I will be writing an official complaint letter about the manager.
I have had no support from him since I was signed off and felt pressurising into going back to work Xx

4 months ago

@niteowl, you have every right to feel upset. Don’t let this go….. @stumbler is correct – your treatment was illegal! The equality commission would be the people to contact – EASS. I had reason to contact them recently and they were v helpful. It’s bad enough having MS without people behaving like sh*ts. Good Luck.xx

4 months ago

Totally agree with everyone. I was fired twice 25 years ago for ‘withholding relevant information’ in other words I hadn’t told them about the ms. In those days if you told you didn’t even get the interview! But things have changed, hopefully for the bettter, and you shouldn’t have to put up with any of this. As I gave discovered, especially over the last tear, regardless of age, you have to fight your corner, never give up, even though the government has made all these changes, they don’t really want you to fight, be it a tribunal over a lost Motability Car like me, or a crap manager like you, they want us to go and die queitly in the corner, cause them all the time and money you can. As Stumbler says, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets oiled👹😇😍

4 months ago

Firstly more power to you for standing up to the bully. Secondly if you’ve been signed off and you want to come back to work you need a fit note. Your manager should not let you work if I have got it right 🤔

Try to write everything down as soon as it happens in case you need it but hopefully this can be resolved by going higher up the management chain as you’ve done. They might be able to resolve this bully and breaches of Equality Act.

Sending you Solidarity and support

4 months ago

Shocking how a manager can talk to you like that, no compassion at all for what your going through with your illness, does your work have occupational health? They can get in contact with you to discuss your health issues and what your able to do in the workplace and suitable times you can work, then they send a report to your employer, you would be covered under the disability legislation which would mean they would have to comply with what your able to do and not be treated the way they are treating you right now, hope everything works out for you x

4 months ago

@strictlysoca great to hear from you, did you enjoy your time in the tropics? Did you ever buy that white bikini, I know Stumbler wanted to see the bikini pics, did you ever indulge him?😏😍

4 months ago

Thank you everyone for your support I have put in a formal complaint to the area manager who responded very quickly that he will be conducting an investigation into what happened and assured me that he takes this very seriously indeed …… I will see what happens as he said he will arrange a meeting to come here as soon as he can in the meantime I won’t be on the same shift
This is stress I really don’t need on top of everything else Xx

4 months ago

Hi @niteowl
The company should have a defined investigation procedure , by the response of your Area Manager this sounds like it does , and it would help you to do a couple of things ahead of this.
Write everything down that happened on that occasion: dates , times, who said what to whom and if there were any witnesses, and name them. It’s not for you to ask for witness statements , and they can refuse to get involved , but it will help the investigation manager if they know .
Hopefully you have copies of your welfare meeting notes and any conversations you have had detailing what you can and can’t do and any adjustments that have been agreed. The company should also have copies but just to be prepared.
Would be useful for you to have a read of the Equality Act; the company should be well versed in this but again, just to be prepared.
Hope this concludes swiftly for you with the outcome you want.

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