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The more and more new people I see come to this site makes me sad. Don’t get me wrong I am so happy they have found this wonderful site and can find some help in their queries. It just saddens me that the statistics are true – more and more people are being diagnosed every day.
I wish I could have drawn a line after my diagnosis and have it not happen to another person. Well, if we’re going to talk about wishes, I wish MS didn’t exist at all. I have only been dealing with this for around 2yrs and it seems like a lifetime. I think it has something to do with it taking up thoughts and energy all the time.

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5 years ago

I share your sentiments, @bamelia. It is saddening to see youngsters join the site, but it gives me a purpose to show them that nearly 30 years down the line, I’m still standing.
OK my balance isn’t terrific and my walking capacity is severely restricted, even with two sticks. But, I still get around the house with out any aids, apart from the walls.
And, there are now drugs available to help, so things do look better for the youngsters.
It’s still a major shock to anyone’s system, so we need to give the reassurance and guidance that’s needed.

5 years ago

you are more motivating than you know!
I hope this post wasn’t too negative…

5 years ago

I’ve signed up to the study on this advertised on here, I figure if I can help others in any way its worth my time.

I don’t wish, makes me dream of the impossible. I just want to help any way I can, that’s all I can hope for, and a cure of course! 🙂

5 years ago

I have introduced this site to the MS nurses who are co-ordinating the Dacluzimab clinical trial I’m on. There seem to be some interested parties, in fact the trial co-ordinator asked me today, “what’s the site called?” – she had a social website-interested person with her at the time.
I promote this site where I can. Thanks Stumbler…and everyone who contributes.

5 years ago

I found this site in September, the week after I was diagnosed. This site has been a gift from the heavens to me. I’ve been able to learn so much and the everyone here has been so great with advice and direction on how to get through a rough patch.

@bamelia I wish we all didn’t have this too… But I don’t think it is something any of us can change. So instead I look at as a part of my life that has allowed me to meet some great people that I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t have this.

I guess it comes down to this… If I have to live with the MonSter, I’m grateful that I have the great people here at Shift. <3

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