4 years ago
Wirdy arms…:))

Good evening guys,

I would like to know, if somebody here ever feel this strange symptom and how you deal with it, which is happening me now – it is like shaking or fluttering inside my arms, but you can not see it from the outside, because my hands are normal. It started last week and it really make me nervous, because I do not know, if it is not the start of new relapse! Or how I can find out if it is really a new relapse and how to deal with it? I would be pleased for each advice:)) thanxx…

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… with me i get the same sensations in my ass. It usually goes away after a good nights sleep. If it does persist then it only does to 3 to 5 days.

And during these 5days it lasted whole day or while? Because in my case it is a while – sometimes 1hour maybe more, then it stops…then again:D And I have this symptom more than 5 days…so I just do not know, how to improve it or eliminate it:)

All the time, used to think it was stress and nerves pre diagnosis. Would really panic me. I think it makes me feel as though Im nervous when Im not. If I skip a meal, tiredness, any sort of stress really comes on. I work funny hours quite often 12pm-9pm and at around 5pm its at its worst. I can only describe it as nervous arms, butterflies as well and that just renders others with strange looks at me lol.

that is the right name for it – “butterfly arms”:D

I have to sleep well tonight and tommorow it will be gone hopefully…thank you for you answers:))


Muscle twitching sometimes lasts for 1 to 5 days, all day. At the moment, when i get stressed, my bottom left eye lid flutters. Its driving me mad. It is the 5th day and the fluttering in subsiding. Yippee!!!

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