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Will it ever get easier?

I grew up without family and was forced to fend for myself, and I did. Before I knew it, I was in my early twenties working as a paramedic (living my dream!). Finally all of my hard work paid off and then I lost all feeling in my hands.

After a year of being poked and prodded I was finally diagnosed with RRMS. Goodbye career and goodbye fiancé. I figured that it is too easy to throw myself a pity party and rebuild instead. Tecfidera will help me continue to bodybuild and I will find a new source of income.

4 years pass and I am doing better. It’s not easy but the dogs and I finally found a new partner who accepts me for who I am (phew!).

Life is great, I have two dogs that make me happier than life itself, I was lucky enough to find the woman of my dreams and I am making more money than I ever thought that this disease would allow me to.

In January 2018, my neurologist tells me that I am to come off my medications as he would now like me to take Mavenclad. I oblige. Fast forward to the summer (and the extreme heat that it brought). I have a relapse. I’m unable to walk and my tongue feels as if it is too large for my mouth. Now I’m not eating or drinking.

After several months and a trip to the ED. My neurologist begrudgingly gives me a script for prednisone but it comes with another script and a warning that I would be further prone to infection and I would likely develop Shingles. He tells me that the steroids will not heal me but will help to accelerate the healing.

…..Worth it. I just want to walk again (and return to work so I can pay my bills).

The next day, my tongue felt normal and I could stand. This minor success was met with a neural itch that could not be satiated without gabapentin.

Long story short, it is now six months later and I still can’t walk. I have now lost two more jobs due to my gait and am struggling to survive.

It’s terrifying but I figure that all I can do is try…..

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3 months ago

@homer29 you seem so brave, do they want to try any other treatment, or do you feel wary?? I’m new to this site and to been diagnosed as well.

3 months ago

@homer29 , you’ve come so far since the initial diagnosis, you didn’t deserve this knockback.

You’ve recovered once, you can do it again.

3 months ago

@homer29, I’m really surprised that you have lost your employment, I always thought that Canada was a foreword thinking, modern country. I’m really surprised that they allow such treatment. I won’t be buying any more maple syrup🥊👹😜

3 months ago

@stumbler thanks so much for the kind words. It can feel very discouraging at times!

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