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Will I ever recover from this relapse?!

Hi all
I have had disorientated vision since 18 March which got my MS diagnosis on 13 April. I had improvement on 16 April when my double disappeared but I have been left with weird vision. I am very anxious and scared that I will not recover and wanted to know if anyone else had to wait a long time to recover from a relapse? Thanks xxx

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6 years ago

I had a similar relapse that lasted a few months several years ago. Didn’t treat it, and just carried on as if I was fine, Very stupid considering I was still driving! Though, eventually it did go

6 years ago

When your vision becomes disorientated, your brain tries to compensate. So, when normal function returns, it can take a little while for the brain to re-adjust.
If in any doubt, see if you can be referred to an Optometrist.

6 years ago

I had double vision in 2005 when I was diagnosed. It took a while after steroid treatments to correct itself. Hang in there!! xxx

6 years ago

My initial diagnosis of ms was from optical neuritis.

It happened just after new year and for a time i was blind in my left eye.

The sight did return to some degree in the eye but it still is nowhere near clear and fragmented vision.

I am thankful that my right eye isn’t affected as badly.
The thought of becoming blind at some point is not a nice one to think about and I can only hope that things don’t go that way further down the line.

The problem with anything like this caused by MS is that the variant factor is very high and no two two people are uniquely the same.

The only thing I can suggest is keep in touch with your hospital opthamologist for tests and make sure your neurologist also knows of your concerns re your sight.

6 years ago

I have the same thing after a relapse in March, I can see some things pretty clearly and other things are very blurry, sometimes I squint when I am looking at people in the grocery store and I think they are looking at me like I’m crazy. my long distance vision seems so so and vision close up not too bad, but objects from about 5 feet to 20 feet away gets very blurry. Mine started after a 5 day dose of IV solumedrol and a 5 day oral taper. Drives me crazy and scares me but I hope it will return to normal eventually. Hang in there, it might clear up quickly or it might linger for quite some time. You never know but try to stay as positive as you can.

6 years ago

hi i’ve had a few episodes of optic neuritis, the worst affected my sight significantly, for a number of months and took about a year to get back to a point that i would call normal. it was the episode that finally led to my diagnosis so i wasn’t offered any meds as doctors were deciding what i had. i’ve had one episode of double vision where my eye would wander around of it’s own free will, i was on holiday. once you’ve had damage it can come back when you get too hot or tired through the course of a day but you can find ways to manage it. i have light sensitivity to bright light at the moment, but i haven’t had much access to that recently. ON is quite shocking emotionally but you do get back to normal. if this is your first attack then your chances of full recovery are very good.

6 years ago

I started with double vision too and was later diagnosed with MS the following year after another relapse with other symptoms too. The vision problem has been named as internuclear ophthalmoplegia. The muscles to my left were affected so my left eye doesn’t keep up with the right. The double vision has gone but I do have probs with scanning and quick glancing side to side. I can still drive but I only do so when fatigue level is low ans I’m feeling with it. You need a good ophthalmologist to diagnose the reason for the double vision. Mine hasn’t gone completely and I would say it’s a bit like being drunk! Hope yours improves.

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