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Who A m I

M.S. does more damage than the eye can see. It messes with your mind. Each relapse leaves me thinking who am I . It seems to take a little part of who I am each time I relapse. I really don’t understand this but, that’s how I feel. I wish I could help people to understand how it feels for someone who has M.S. They ask you why you’ve changed . All I think to myself is I don’t know I don’t know who I am anymore. I knew who I was before M.S. but now it’s like who is this person inside my head I don’t know. I wish I could show people what M.S. does to people . It’s not just physical alot of the damage with Multiple Sclerosis is it causes problems with everyday skills, cognitive skills, speech , and just trying to function and carry on a conversation can be difficult. At time’s I forget what I was talking about. The comments I hate the most is you’ve changed so much and I think yes I know Who The Hell Am I . by Sandra Benston

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9 months ago

Hi @sandie and welcome.

I agree with everything you’ve said. MS is the most insidious condition.

But, it is what it is and we can’t change that. We need to get our heads around that fact and then we can try and move on.

You will always be you.

9 months ago

Hi Sandie

I feel a lot like you do concerning MS’s hidden assault on our minds, emotions, personas and general way of thinking.

I feel frustrated, peed off and angry most of the time with the constant headache and brain fog. It doesn’t take much at all to set me off at all, something as simple as pressing the wrong key on the laptop can make me rage.

I am really starting to find communicating with people annoying.
The constant question of, “How are you feeling, Any better?.”…… Really grinds my gears.

9 months ago

I get the “ you’ve changed” a lot and it frustrates me when people say that. I used to be a talkative person and now I’m not for some reason and my words come out all messed up anyways. Usually after I say something I’ll question if I even made sense. It is like someone else is in my head and that’s so hard to explain to someone without ms.

9 months ago

I totally get people thinking there is nothing wrong with you. My close friends even forget I have MS due to me still being physical. Recently I have experienced the brain fog more and it’s so hard to explain to others that you aren’t just having an off day or feeling tired x

9 months ago

Hi Sandie,
You are not alone ! I often see that questioning look in people’s eyes and then I wonder oh crap , what did I say now ?! I sometimes catch myself , but not always – I know in my head what I want to say but it doesn’t always come out the way I want it to ! If you look ok physically , people don’t get it ,even family

9 months ago

Hi Sandie and welcome. I’m one of the old codgers, had the beast for 25 years and loads of relapses and they do say we are left with a little bit more permanent disability with each one, but modern dmt’s stops that basically . You are you, and small changes inside don’t change you. You are fairly newly dxd (well to me anyway) but things will settle down and then you can start saying to the world this is me as I am now so take me or leave me. You are right and as a rule only other Myers can really understand, that’s why we’re here so rant away! Are you on a DMT? Isn’t it funny that you have almost the opposite to me, ms nurse is brilliant, gp wouldn’t …s on me if I was on fire😍

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