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When to stop work?

Hi All ,

Just wondering how people come to the decision it is time to finish working and concentrate soely on their health ?

Has anyone gone out of work on private illness benefit and what challenges did you experience in doing so ?

Appreciate any advice

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9 months ago

Once you start thinking along these lines, it’s difficult to STOP the thoughts. I would say, the oftener the possibility of retirement pops into your head from nowhere, the likelier it is that deep down you know it could be the right thing to do. First, there are the practicalities: when would it be, what would be the financial hit? If, after really thinking this through, it’s a no-no, this has to be closed down, at least for the time being. I had decided to go at age 60, but two years prior to this, the opportunity for voluntary redundancy came up. I took it gladly, because it meant that I was quitting while ahead. There was no pension penalty with VR – I wouldn’t have been half so keen if there had been. A colleague retired two years before the statutory age (it was 60 at that time in education) and was docked 25% off his occupational pension. I’m loving both being retired and how that has improved every aspect of health, but TBH much of the enjoyment is courtesy of the monthly paycheck….. Have you explored alternatives e.g. work at home, reduction of hours, jobshare?

9 months ago

@daisy79 , as @cameron states, the financial question is key. Once you enter the realm of the retired, then your income needs to comfortably cover your financial needs. To have some margin over essentials is required for life’s other considerations, e.g. a car, a holiday or even an unbudgeted expense.

The other side of this balance is how your health would reflect this change. Is work presently adding to the stress in your life, which in turn is aggravating your MS.

Also, consider what you would do with all the time you’ll have on your hands.

A few things to consider…………

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