northernlass 30/01/15
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When they find a cure..

Just a thought, when they find a cure for MS I wonder who will get given it..?. Say they design a magic pill that we only need to take once (the drug companies will love that… NOT..!!) et volia we are cured forever of our MS…(walking,talking,seeing,weeing,pooping, normal human beings once more..!! 😀 ) I wonder who will be offered the pill first… The youngest first to the eldest..?? or those who have been suffering longest..?? Only those who are in the RRMS category..? or maybe women and children first..? (It worked well on the titanic.. 😉 ). I think sometimes that the drug companies would be less happy if cures were found for some of our life long diseases.. although I am not on meds at the moment I am a potential “Cash Cow” for a drug company out there.. :-/ So if a cure is found will they let us have it..? What do you think..?

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3 years ago

As you say there is no profit in a cure and nobody is working hard to find it, they don’t know what MS is yet which I think may help . The drugs out there are worth billions to the pharmaceutical companies so i think if they found a cure they would bin it.

3 years ago

@northernlass. Think as usual the one with the most money. I’m already saving. lol

3 years ago

@Northenlass I’m doing the same as @graham100 saving some pennies just in case!

3 years ago

Good on you both @graham100 and @aurora .. how much do we think it would cost..?? Hundreds ..?? or Thousands..?? It has taken me forever to save a little nest egg for my kids to put towards their futures (not enough to cover the cost of new flash car but a few driving lessons and an old banger if they pass 😀 ) Maybe it’s time for mumma to dig out the penny jar and get depositin so I can buy a cure too.. 🙂 either that or marry a rich generous man… 😉

3 years ago

If they find a cure think how many would be out of work! All MS nurses, neurologists etc., No more privates for them at £200 an hour. Turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas lol

3 years ago

Lol @Lin Holland about turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas.. made me smile 🙂

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