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What's happening?

Went out with daughter, walking around Brighton 3 weeks ago, found it hard going… Got home, showered and felt numb in parts (feet and “middle bits”!)
Presumed I’d overdone it and in the morning it would wear off.
Next day the same. Phoned g.p for advice, sent to A & E ??!! 3 hrs later after bloods, urine repeating my story to various people they suggested as it was 9.00 pm I go back at 8.00am for an MRI. Next day,6 hrs of waiting had MRI but no results so said I was going home and could they ring me. They rang 3 hrs later and said my MRI was no different to the last and it must be M.S related. I rang M.S nurse who prescribed steroids which I’ve just finished (5 days). Feet still numb/wooden, middle getting tiny bit of feeling. M.S nurse coming on Tues. Seeing the neuro on June 2nd (G.P phoned last Nov).
Anyone got advise/experience of the situation?thanks.

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3 years ago

@min , it sounds like one of those MS-y types of situations that we have to contend with.

Our bodies do react, if we do something that annoys our MS. A day in Brighton, when the weather is nice sounds like a nice day out. But some of us find it difficult to cope with the heat AND the humidity in the UK. These conditions can fatigue us very quickly.

Obviously, you were scanned to rule out any other issues. Whether the scan results were reviewed by an MS Specialist in the timeframe is questionable.

However, your MS Nurse has listened to your tale and decided it was a relapse, hence the steroids.

Now, steroids aren’t a quick fix. They’ll be working with your body over the next 6-8 weeks to help it recover.

Having MS is all about learning the best way to manage our version of this condition. You may have just learnt a bit more about yourself. 😉

3 years ago

Thanks Stumbler,
I did have an epidermoid cyst removed from my spine 11 years ago so they were probably checking regrowth there first. The RSCH conferred with my Hurstwood Park neuro surgeon who compared MRI scans (thank god for the computer age!) And he confirmed he was happy there was no regrowth of cyst so it must be M.S

“Spinal epidermoid cysts are uncommon. They comprise between 0.5% and 1% of all spinal tumours but account for up to 10% of intraspinal tumours in children 2.

Unlike intracranial epidermoid cysts, which are almost always congenital in origin, most of spinal epidermoid cysts are acquired. Although present since birth, congenital epidermoid tumours often do not present until the second to fourth decade of life 5. Males are more commonly affected than females.” So even though I’ve finished the 5 day course, will the steroids still be working? X

3 years ago

@min , steroids aren’t like a headache tablet. Their effect is over the short term, rather than immediate. So, they’ll be helping you improve over the next 6 – 8 weeks. 😉

3 years ago

Thank you for the info x

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