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What wheelchair??

I need one now. So if your a user I’m looking at all terrain with pump up tyres as will be taking it away and using on all sorts of sandy paths cobbles etc. Give me a good make that’s not thousands. Lol been looking at a van Os medical excel??? HELP

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3 years ago

@graham100 , first things first, go and make a nuisance of yourself with your MS Nurse. Tell her you want to acquire a wheelchair and could they arrange for wheelchair services or an Occupational Therapist to contact you, so that you can get measured.

Wheelchairs need to be made to measure!

As for type and specs, maybe they can help there too. 😉

3 years ago

My Ms nurse and the occupational therapists are a wast of space I was told they don’t do wheel chairs?? Iv been waiting over a month to see someone. And that was an emergency referral. Bottom line because I had my own business for over 30yrs and not been on the dole,, they don’t feel I need any help. Typical. Stuff it will sort myself out. Lol thanks for advice as always

3 years ago

This might not be a huge help as I have never used or bought an all-terrain wheelchair but I use a wheelchair at the moment and I was an avid cyclist. So to my main point. Most wheelchairs, energy efficent & non-folding variety, are quite expensive to buy from new. I did find a wheelchair through e-bay of all places. An RGK about 5 years old that is actually an excellent wheelchair. I upgraded it with similar kevlar tyres that are on most wheelchairs supplied by the NHS. These are great for puncture reduction but not so great for off-road activities as they are basically road racing bike tyres. I did see however when I was buying these tyres that you can purchase wide tread wheel rims that would enable you to put a mountain bike tyres on the wheelchair. This may be a solution for you. Also I have heard a free wheel is a life saver for off-road use.

Measurement is important and I was lucky to find a chair that was 95% the right size for me so I would say go to a place they sell wheelchairs or self refer within the NHS to get measured so you know what would and would not be a good purchase. My e-Bay chair cost me £315 including delivery so it was an excellent purchase and I still use it around the house when I am not feeling at my best. I have a second wheelchair from the NHS that is 100% fitted for me so I always use that only when outside. Have a look at what is available in terms of second hand chairs but always be aware of sizing. Hope you get a new ride soon 😉

3 years ago

Graham – if you have the funds then you will not get a wheelie thru the NHS, but Stumbler is right, you have to be measured & weighed. Its not one size fits all. Will you self propel? whats upper body strength like? Will you be taking this away? How? In a WAV. If its large you will need a hoist.
Practical stuff to think about. Do your research, there are loads of websites. But TRY before you buy. And get it insured !!!!

3 years ago

And a good make WILL be thousands. You seem to imagine it can be bought PDQ! slow down man, its worth getting it right first time

3 years ago

Thanks for all your help. Thinking the pump up tyre type rather than solid because going to Maldives this yr and think will go along the sandy pathways better. Kuramathi has been picked there are 6 of us going 3 couples so have 2 strong men to help, which is good because the wife would just leave me in room. Lol.

3 years ago

Very good threads on this on the Yourable site as well, always good to network:)
Consider also, insurance costs, repairs, replacement parts and tyres (occasionally needed)
I’ve seen some awesome beach buggy types about, but it depends on your lifestyle as well:)


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