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What it means to Shift MS

I received an email from Shift asking about the moment MS ‘shifted’ my life and what happened. I found this an interesting point to reflect upon.

For me- I morphed from a Type A- “Get it Done” do it right, down to the last detail type of person into someone who HAD to take a break, reflect and spend precious time and energy on only the most important things in life- and to me that was people, people I love and care about, spending time with those who matter most to me.

Its pretty dramatic to think a person in their 30s could spontaneously switch from Type A to Type B personality- not by choice- but I am so much happier for it!

What did MS do for you? Any other positive changes?

I have always been blessed to count blessings and selectively forget the other stuff! 🙂

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3 years ago

I wish that I could say the same. It is not overstated to say that MS devastated my life. Maybe writing to alert others represents a SHIFT. I was a type A professional and very athletic. I got hit REALLY hard with symptoms that I never knew existed. I did not even have a doctor prior to this. I was at a doctor’s office every few days for a year suffering with horrendous and varying symptoms without a diagnosis. I have REALLY struggled for 8 years after being diagnosed with MS. That is why I am such a passionate advocate for Lemtrada and the only reason I joined this blog. I was browsing it looking for lemtrada testimonials when I saw a young man soliciting help for assisted suicide! I have been there and wanted to reach out to him and to all MS patients, particularly the newly diagnosed ones; because unlike 9 years ago, there are now several really good MS disease modifying drugs (DMDs). In my mind Lemtrada is clearly the best and well worth the risks associated with it. It is the first DMD that can halt the progression of MS and reverse disabilities in many patients. It has finally been approved in the US and I am scheduled for treatment next month. I deliberately painted a stark but honest image of my MS experience because I don’t want other patients to endure the kind of suffering that I have. I don’t think enough patients realize how unpredictable and devastating MS can be and treat it as aggressively as possible. Lemtrada represents potentially a CURE to the newly diagnosed and real hope to more advanced cases. It typically requires only 8 days of treatment in the first 12 months. All other DMDs require daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly treatments for LIFE! There are significant but acceptable risks associated with all of the most effective DMDs. Lemtrada comes with a moderate risk of an easily detected thyroid disorder managed with only one commonly used pill per day and an extremely low risk of other easily detected and treatable immune disorders. Since I am sensitive to most drugs, I fully expect to be sick during and immediately after my Lemtrada treatments. BUT I CAN’T WAIT! This will be the year that I SHIFT again. Put your fears aside and join the SHIFT!

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