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What is this and can i stop it?

I was diagnosed 8 years ago mostly with strong vibrations, numbness, and tingling. Yesterday I got the most awful feeling down my left leg then my toes curled up, while this was happening my right leg felt like it was on fire and the pain almost had me in tears. Once the burning started the left leg let up, then the right leg. Lasted only 1 to 2 mins but happened 7 times and leaves me with a headache. Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

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1 year ago

Hi @mg22db23 and welcome.

You’re asking some difficult questions to a forum of MS sufferers, as we can only answer based on our experiences. We’re not medically trained.

However, your leg problems do sound like a case of cramping/spasms. This may be able to be addressed by stretching exercises , .

Spasms/cramping can also be assisted by magnesium supplements. Or medically, by the use of Baclofen, a muscle relaxant.

However, I’m struggling to find a connection between these leg problems and the headaches. And, on that basis, I would be tempted to have a word with your family Doctor, to rule out any non-MS issues.

Hope this helps.

1 year ago

I waa only looking for someone who may have experienced it before. I didn’t know if it was ms related or not. Thank you for the information. I appreciate it!

Is that was a spasm feels like? The icky feeling and then the burning?

Thanks again!

1 year ago

@mg22db23 , there’s some details about spasms here :-

1 year ago

I remember when I was first diagnosed 13 years ago I had a very similar things happen for a short period of time. My arm would feel all strange and my hand and fingers would curl up! I’d bend them back out and the spasm would subside. I haven’t had it since but it really freaked me out !! Sounds very similar 🙁

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