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3 years ago

@dexter , I call it being philosophical.

Life is a journey from cradle to grave. That’s a fact, but it’s what we do on that journey that makes us who we are.

OK, MS may give us a few more challenges, but we can still make a difference on our journey. We can still achieve things and because we may struggle a bit, we’ll enjoy our achievements even more.

So, be realistic by all means, but try to keep a sense of perspective too. 😉

3 years ago

Hey Dexter,from a fellow Brit just diagnosed…….My grandfather,a WW1 veteran who was wounded at Ypres on the battlefield,taken in by the enemy and under fire from both sides,returned home to England, then carried on with life until he died aged 74. I was only a young boy when he used to tell the rest of the family about the horrors that he”d seen.I was shocked,even as a youngster who loved playing pretend war games with my mates! He said one thing to us youngsters that will stick with me forever;Quote:” I thought I was poor for I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet! “.Be strong mate and enjoy what you”ve got. God Bless. George.

3 years ago

Hey Dexter,

I feel like that a lot of the time and just try to do the best I can and take each day at a time. Otherwise, I find that my thoughts get ahead of me and bring me down as well.

I don’t know what will happen going forward, but have decided to stop wishing it away and assuming the worst as MS is so unpredictable. I think the not knowing is the one thing that really gets me, so as I said, I take one day at a time. You are right, we do need to be realistic, but I wont let it dictate my life anymore and am going to keep moving forward and try to live my life the best I can. Take care and be well xxxx

3 years ago

Up and down days and the usual with MS in my world BUT I will say this, just try to keep your chin up 😉 It’s not all bad.
Sonia x

3 years ago

Your 28 and life is far from over. Join the london group meet other MS-ers and realise that heck, you are not the only one, you are not the worst off!
Its not an old persons disease. Look around here, read profiles, tons of shift members diagnosed in their 20’s, 30’s.

You can still have a life, fall in love, have sex, study, work, have kids, ring em up and shit, DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

3 years ago

Hi @dexter, you won’t feel any better as long as you insulate/isolate yourself from the world outside. While you’re in your own bubble, things get way out of perspective. I’ve been there. If you really can’t escape negative thoughts, get a GP referral for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, which will help you see things in a different light. xx

3 years ago

Hi @dexter

Sorry to hear all is not going well. I really feel for you. My world felt like it had been blown apart when I was diagnosed & then I read Montel Williams book called Climbing Higher. That was a big turning point for me. Have a look at the book, it might help.


3 years ago

There has never been a better time to have ms. I can remember when I was little my Mam used to visit a female friend every now and then. I can remember asking why she never came to vist. My Mam told me this friend would never come to visit because she had ms. I thought I knew what I was taking on when it was first mentioned in my life. We are designed to adapt, it is one of the functions of living things. There is lots going on at the moment in terms of research.xx

3 years ago

It’s down to a series of choices

I chose to get up and live every day to its fullest
I chose to smile and make others smile
I chose to fight this shitty illness in everything I do
I chose to make sure everyone around me sees me fight this and supports my fight
I chose to laugh at myself and this disease to make others comfortable around me

I lost both my parents too young to cancer and they both fought like hell and survived so much longer than anyone expected. Their courage, bravery and determination is something I hope to show every day I measure up to in some way. If they could fight death with such passion then I hope that I can do this with the same strength they had. Anything less to me would be disrespectful of everything they brought me up to be.

3 years ago

Plus – at the moment I expect you’re the only person you know with anything wrong with them. It won’t be long before you’ll start noticing that in fact you’re not! When I was dxd in 2003, everyone round me was superfit and healthy. Now in 2015, I’ve lost a friend to cancer, another has had a brain bleed, a third (younger than me) has had a triple heart by-pass and a fourth friend is being tested for Alzheimer’s. I don’t know a single person of my age who is not on meds of some kind – statins, blood pressure, even warfarin. But they’re all ‘putting it in its box’ and (grumpily) getting on with life – as we all need to do.xx

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