5 years ago
what ever happened to sex, drugs and rock& roll

wish i had someone to be here with me in my time of need sometimes! i have pitty parties for myself sometimes!

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I think we probably all attend pity parties from time to time. I try not to stay at them too long; the music sucks! Kidding aside, anything you need to get off your chest? Feeling like support isn’t there for you can be really difficult.

i do have people to talk too! i just wish i had someone special here! im single so i feel alone sometimes! but i am going to a MS meeting on the 31st this month! you ever go?


Not myself. I have thought about it though! Have you gone before? I had a period when I was pretty sure I’d be alone forever. It’s a tough place, especially when you do need a little bit of help or just someone to lean on a little bit. It sounds like you’re already being proactive though; talking here and going to a group are two great steps!

yes i have gone! i was the youngest one there! hey its free food!and i dohave alot of questions to ask when i go back…. i just get soooooo tired at work. i feel like im not there sometimes and everyone at work doesnt understand! oh eveyone gets tired is what they say!they just dont get it! sucks!


Free food. Now you’re talkin’! Yeah, it’s hard to explain the kind of tired that goes along with this. I usually just kind of drown people out when they discuss being tired. I figure they don’t realise it can be a bit upsetting to hear that from someone in good health or they genuinely are exhausted in the context of their lives/experience and give them the benefit of the doubt. I bit my tongue for a while though. Guess I’m getting mellow!

I met @reddivine on the wibbly wobbly and we went to the National MS event together, was an interesting experience and we both learnt a lot.. So its worth going to such events..
You will meet someone, your far too yummy not to 😉 In the meantime.. put the music on and prance (it always cheers me up)

Meetup sometimes has interest groups (even for MS) and its international.

I am very envious of those who have been diagnosed with MS, who are married or engaged. I am single and I find it difficult to make new friends never mind a relationship. I feel the same as you, I got folk to speak to but no one special. Had the chance to pursue a relationship recently, but decided to forget about it, I feel like half a man, so why would any woman want that.

Hi chrisgate they amount of of people I know of who were married or living together and soon after dx the partner left is unbelievebel ! That’s dubble bubble the disappointment and loss must be so painfull ! I am lucky not only is he still here he is also very caring loving etc ! Anyway you never know what is around the corner for you single ones ! All the best femke xx

@chrisgate, stop grieving for what you’ve lost and start being thankful for what you’ve still got.
Being negative emits the wrong kind of signals. How many lonely hearts ads look for a GSOH (good sense of humour)?
So, invigorate yourself with positivity and get out there.

Before I met RD.. I met several partners through Outsiders http://www.outsiders.org.uk
Its primarily a social group but is accepting that EVERYONE may want a relationship and is open to all conditions or disabilities.. Some poeple are just shy for instance!

My previous partner has a rareish condition morquio syndrome which meant she was severely disabled, but we had a LOT of good times together, she did modelling, we even went on holiday to an accessible hotel http://www.laspiedras.co.uk/ and shared many intimate moments..

Don’t give up, keep an open mind and find others who do the same.

@chrisgate.. don’t give up certainly.. The biggest fear of finding love is being rejected.. Someone once said to me, you may find that it happens 12 times or more before you find someone which was pretty harsh.. But we’re all human.. 🙂

I didn’t actually think anyone one would want me with all my scars, and need for regular medical care.. (I’m on dialysis , don’t have MS) Just goes to show.. 🙂

@femke.. that’s a familiar scene in the world of kidney failure too.. I’ve known it to break up families, separate partners and even a mother who blamed her own daughter for being ill.. ‘Humanity’ is a VERY strange thing!

Dating is one thing Outsiders deals with, and ‘Practical Suggestions’ is given to all members..
Its worth a read..

@chrisgate you seem a very open honest person and of course your sense of humor believe me they are all qualities a woman looks for in a man don’t let your ms stop you because your good will by far outweigh anything else . So go for it Jman has just given you a great website had a quick peep and it looks great ! Spring is on the way the perfect time for finding new love ! @femke xx

Oh.. and did you watch the Gallop film?

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