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1 year ago

Its the worst symptom I had I was sleeping in middle of double bed and crying believing im gonna fall of the bed because im at the edge.
I’m gonna tell you what the neuro did.
He used to hold my face making it looking at his stright. Then turn my face right in a very fast way while pushing it to bed and said keep your eye oppened during that and after in one point best you can. Ivthink what he did wasnt so greatvmaybe. You try your best looking in one spot for example stare at door never move your eye ball and it would be moving because of vertigo but still try your best for as long as possible.
Make sure ears dont have infection because it causes vertigo too.
Put marks on floor in stright line walk on that line snd try not to touch them with your feet while walking.
Try to sleep putting your hand below your right cheek and sleep on that side. Try to hug a pilkow hehe better to be leaned on something mostly dont look up too much and dont move your head downward. Dont move your eyeball so quick for as long as you have vertigo. Avoid stairs.

Thats all i remember i was advised to do its been a long time 2010. So i forgot some other method.

Google answers says:

Kneel down and look up at the ceiling for a few seconds. Touch the floor with your head, tucking your chin so your head goes toward your knees. Wait for any vertigo to stop (about 30 seconds). Turn your head in the direction of your affected ear (i.e. if you feel dizzy on your left side, turn to face your left

Apology for typing a lot.

Wish you get well soon.

Best regards

1 year ago

Has your doctor eliminated the possibilities of a) ear infection and b) benign positional vertigo? Neither is MS-related and both are treatable. If it’s not the above, what is your MS team saying about it?

1 year ago

Hi @sonoallie, in case you want to look them up further – the method @nutshell88 suggested is called the Epley Manoeuvre for what @cameron suggested as a possible cause – benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) – I agree that you need to find out if it is an ear infection or BPPV, and if not, find out what your MS team suggest. I have also had this and the ENT consultant did the Epley Manoeuvre on me and then said he didn’t think it was BPPV, this was before my MS diagnosis and it now seems like it was actually a relapse. I tried not to move my head very much and used Buccastem to minimise the nausea. Sorry I can’t help more than that and I hope you get to the bottom of it!

1 year ago

How’s your hydration and blood pressure? When I get vertigo, usually experience when getting up too quick, it’s usually improved by upping my water intake significantly. You seem beyond that, but it could be a factor?

1 year ago

I hate this symptom the most and still haven’t found a way of properly getting rid of it. I find just resting and getting lots of sleep helps. At night time I can’t lie on my back, and find sleeping on my side with a pillow behind my back can help. I have the same at nutshell88 where I fell I’m falling. :/
The doctor can also give you something that can help some people with it. It didn’t for me but might be worth asking. 🙂 xxx

1 year ago

So terrifying and the vast bulk of people have no idea, including a sizable proportion of neurologists. If you are vomiting/nauseous along with vertigo it may be worth trying homeopathy – I get it, yet another thing to do when you’re in a state of barely hanging on. Consider it, it worked for me when nothing else did and I had to be in a blacked out, soundproof room as the slightest sharp sound or the tiniest light would induce a vomiting cascade that was seemingly unstoppable accompanied by misery-inducing severe nausea.

1 year ago


Hi their I feel your pain. Vertigo is miserable especially with the vomiting as rocky paths said .
When I had it they gave me Stemitil tablets , which you put one tablet under your gum and it dissolves . You only use it when necessary as taken daily and regularly it is not a good thing . That’s what my doctor told me . It helps stop you being sick.
The only thing with taking them is that they may help in the short term when really bad but it can affect compensation.

When you have it bad like this you need to rest but try to keep your body moving like a few strengthening exercises in between resting. I also used to do a few excerices when I couldn’t get out of bed like eye movements and you can do a few strengthening exercises in bed and try to keep your brain sharp . I have a Nintendo ds and do brain training . I haven’t done it in a while , better start again I think z😊

When it eases off you could do balance exercises that you need to do a few times a day for quite some time .
Just remember it will get better . It does it just takes some time .. also make things easy for yourself by having things close to hand .

I also think lying on your side with head slightly elevated is good . Lying flat made mine worse.

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