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weird signs in my feet

Hey all

now its 2:30 am where I am
last week I got a relapse in my right foot wasn’t able to move it which led to leg disfunction
it began with my big tow then rest of toe

It got healed 100% now
but just now I noticed a black dot in the bottom of my big toe
looks like a black seed couldn’t remove it had to rib my skin
and in the side of my left foot I noticed big two viens look like scesors and a vine map in the bottom of this foot right now
but non of these things is in the right foot
lol I hope its not a stroke sighn
I hardly eat anything and im light weight age 30 :/

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3 days ago

Oh, nutshell88 , I can see that you’re concerned about this. But, we’re not the best place to try and provide a diagnosis for you. And, would you trust it anyway?

Pop and see your Doctor and let them put your mind to rest.

3 days ago

Hello @nutshell88, sorry you’ve had a bit of a setback. Yes, please do go and see your doctor. I hope you’re OK, the trouble with having MS is that we become super vigilant and notice every little thing x

3 days ago

@vixen @stumbler
thsnks for replying
gladfully its nothing to worry sbout
ever since I met the neuro assistant I’ve been a wee bit tense
as u know annxious of meds and she required steroid big doze
I’ve been sleeping do lil which isnt like me
thats why my feet were tense
or so I guess
so glad vacation has begun today in Saudi
Be safe

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