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We listened…


Let me start by saying, the site is amazing, laid out pretty well to date…. I want to support this site long-term as an MSer and as general member… that said, I need to park my personal interest and provide some objective opinion on recent changes to the site.

The new site…. well it looks great…cosmetics 10/10 …but honestly…and I work in IT and know how users’ react to change, my opinion is not about change… its about usability/ consistency…

Whilst there were some gaps in the old site, I do think some improvements have been made, we have taken a step back in others….. does SHIFT have professional help in this space ? The design would suggest otherwise…. I personally don’t accept excuses such we are voluntary a charity etc…. I know it sounds harsh… maybe look closer to home for opinion and help…ie people on the site

Some off the cuff comments….. still getting 404 errors on notifications ie click on a notification… where is the MEET up sections now located ? these are minor examples, but its the minor things that become severe pains in the ass……

To finish on a positive note, some amazing features are the the maps etc..

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1 year ago

still learning… but getting there… why can’t I spell?

1 year ago

Hi @seanachai

Thanks very much for your feedback. We’d very much welcome your opinions and help if you’d like to get involved?

The Test Lab, who are members of the site, were involved in the development and we’re always looking for members to get involved in the process of improving the site. Email me [email protected] if you’d like to join the Lab.

The meet up section has been removed for the time being until we find a better 3rd party app to use. There were only a few people who scheduled meet ups using the tool, and the feedback from them was that it needed to be improved so that’s what we plan to do. People are still welcome to share their meet ups on the forum and send them to me so we can share on social.

The 404 issues is being fixed as we speak.

I look forward to hearing from you about getting involved in the Test Lab.

1 year ago

@seanachai @sarahshift – just as an fyi the 404 issue is now fixed – Hooray!

1 year ago

@shiftmsdevteam , as a side-effect of this fix, I’m now no longer able to delete notifications from my queue.

And, I’d only just cleared over 46 pages worth this morning…………

1 year ago


I have worked with volunteers my whole life. Glad you are potting your name forward; talented ones are worth their weight in Gold.

1 year ago

@shiftmsdevteam , i’m now able to delete my notifications. I assume that you’ve fixed it. 🙂

1 year ago

Hi Sarah

Thanks to you and team for getting the issues addressed so quickly.

Sadly I am maxed out at the moment with my current contracts but may reach out to you during the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2018 once things calm down.

Happy xmas to you and team.

1 year ago

@seanachai no, no, no thank you. Have a great Xmas @stumbler anything for you sir.

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