bluesky69 03/03/17
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Water infection? Lemtrada

Hi everyone, just after a bit of advice.
I think I’m starting with a water infection, never had one before but got usual symptoms.
My worry is I’m due to start lemtrada in 9 days and won’t be able to see a doctor till Monday morning now.
Don’t want to waste their time but do you think my local accident and emergency department would be able to help.
Also is it ok to start lemtrada after a course of antibiotics just before.
Thanks. X

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11 months ago

@bluesky69 , why, oh why, do these infections always hit us on a Friday afternoon?

You could always try telephoning your GP and see if they can prepare a script and e-mail it to your local pharmacy?

I’m not sure about going into Lemtrada with an infection, but a quick course of anti-biotics should clear it within 9 days.

11 months ago

Ring 111 they will sort job for you just explain to them symptoms etc they will get you seen this weekend I think or booked in at docs Monday maybe

11 months ago

I’ve had Lemtrada and they do a pee test every day before you start somita probably important that you don’t have an infection… cranberry juice and anti biotics!!

11 months ago

Before you start

11 months ago

Thanks @stumbler @double07hud. Feeling slightly better.
I’ll see how it is tomorrow and if its improved maybe see doc first thing Monday.

11 months ago

What is a water infection? If it is a bladder infection take a 1000mg of Vit C before you go to bed and it will burn the bacteria. You want the Vit C it sit in there for a while that is why the urologist has you take it right before you go to bed. Sometimes I take one during the day if I feel one coming on, I also keep Cystex around the house for the same reason, it is hard to find in the US so I have to order it off of e-bay. I take 500mg of Vit C every night it has really made a huge difference I use to have bladder infections all of the time. I haven’t needed any antibiotics for one for three years. Potter

11 months ago

In my experience you have to be healthy before you have Lemtrada – it seriously compromises your immune system so I can understand why. Treatment last year postponed by month as I has an ear infection. They will do tests on first day so if it is a bladder infection it will be picked up then. Be prepared for possible delay 🙁

11 months ago

Have to correct typo: ‘had’ not ‘have’. I have a ‘grammar’ problem – not MS- related 😀

Also forgot to say ‘Good Luck’. I had my treatment in NHNNS, Queen Square last July and the Outpatients staff & registrar were brilliant. Just like the NeuroSupport team there. Hope it all goes well.

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