mrratcatcher 07/03/17
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Walking and running out of options

Ever had that experience when trying to walk and your brain runs out of options and you fall even with a stick/walker – embarrassing whether is foot-drop or brain-fog. End up scared to go out due to the risk…

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11 months ago

@mrratcatcher , unfortunately, we have to live within our ever-changing limitations.

However, we do need to keep utilising what we have. Do you have consultations with a physio, to prescribe exercises for yourself?

11 months ago

Yes i do i can only walk little steps with my walker inside house.
When i got my mobiliy scooter which i use outside i was abosilutely liberated! I felt so free being able to go from A to B without a worry!!
The difficult times are the transition times, i remember spending 2 years struggling, a real nightmare, i did not want to give in to use a scooter. But when i finally did i felt so happy! I wish i would have done it earlier.
Take care xxx

11 months ago

I have attempted yoga, pilates, Hyperbaric oxygen, and exercise classes down at the SWMS centre with no improvement. With it being a 40 mile round trip it’s quite a challenge just getting there let alone getting from the car park to where you need to be! Even with a scooter to get from A to B still left with the problems of ‘right what next’

11 months ago

Steroids have helped me balance is still fecked but on me feet for now was thinking of getting knee pads so I can crawl be reet still fighting 🥊 I’m more bothered about going places with no toilet have to make sure there’s a bush at least used to know where every pub in West Yorkshire was now it’s ever spot or toilet you can piss in

11 months ago

@mmhhp congrats on the fun scooter. I was so glad to get one and I love to use the ones available at the big grocery stores.
But if I do physical therapy twice a week it helps to make my legs stronger.I will get to the point in which I hate the scooter. I even can walk short distances with my cane.
@doubleo7hud. I have been there when I have fallen and wished I had a helmet and knee pads for crawling to my couch.
And bladder problems, I feel your pain and embarrassment. A catheter helped immensely but I could not tolerate the frequent bladder infections.

11 months ago

Don’t do embarrassed it’s just slightly inconvenient needing to wee On the regular. Don’t fancy shoving anything down me 🔔 just yet options there but choose to ignore it for now . I do find crawling to the pub is a new experience one to tick off the bucket list ✅ he he jobs a good en

11 months ago

Well said and duly noted.
I’m in one of those transitional times at the moment. It’s really stupid how stubborn I can get.

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