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Vitamin d3 .. What doses?

What doses of Vitamin d 3 do you take in winter to maintain or raise levels .
I have just had another test and I have only gone up by 7 Nmol . I am trying to raise mine. In summer it went up rapidly . I raised it by 45 Nmol in 5 weeks ! Can’t believe only 7nmol . Maybe it’s the brand. I take solgar it I need to have loads more to raise then not sure about maintenance when I get to the level I want to stay at. Hmmm a measly 7 Nmol in 8 weeks ! 😞

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1 year ago

Hi Rachel.

I take 4000ul a day along with folic acid and b12. My levels were low and they recommend that people with MS have a level of 100. Mine is now at 90 after having taken it for a year, although it’s risen more since I stopped eating gluten. Think it was stopping me absorbing ny vitamins and minerals, mine is prescribed by the doctor.

Take care 🙂

1 year ago

Check this out. My MS nurse told me to take 1000ul a day, I’ve been upping that you 6000up, looks like I’ll be going a little higher:

1 year ago

My dose was recommended by the neuro – 5,000iu daily (one capsule). Following the result of my blood test at the GP’s, her prescription was much lower – in the 100s, if I remember right, but she was going on NHS general advice, I suppose. For MS, it needs to be much higher.

1 year ago

Hi thanks

That’s why I don’t understand because I’ve been taking at least 5000 iu a day if not more now winter but always at least 5000iu a day and the brand is solgar and that is supposed to be an okay brand so to only go up that somethings not absorbing properly . My last test was around August time and it had gone up around 45 iu in 4- 6 weeks .

Can it be meds doing it ? I’m on pregablin at the moment that’s it prescription wise and sometimes antihistamines


1 year ago

Hi @rachellouise.

I am at 2 capsules of 3000 u a day so 6000 in total for over a month now. Before I was at 2000 u a day.
My results were at 30 in the last blood test.

As for the levels, from what I understand, there is no unanimous agreement. Officially in EU, 30 is the minimum but with MS (and to potentially prevent MS) some doctors target 100. OMS (overcoming multiple sclerosis) also targets 100.

As for the absorption question I cannot help much. Be strong.

1 year ago

@rachaellouise my levels are over 100 and I take 7000iu a day. The brand is “Ostelin 1 a week 7000IU”

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