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Vitamin D3 recommendations?

Hello, I hope this is allowed..? I’m wondering if anyone who takes vitamin D3 could give me a recommendation on where to buy a good quality product.

I was told by my neuro to take 5000iu a day and ordered some online (which I have nearly run out of). I’m just a little concerned because 5000iu capsules are not that readily available, I have no idea whether the ones I have are good quality or not.

So any recommendations or hints on what to look for would be helpful.

Thank you!

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4 years ago


I’ve only seen them sold in 1000iu pills, and take 6 one day (= 6000iu) and 8 (= 8000iu) the next day. I don’t live in a typically sunny locale and have had my levels tested and they are consistently low, hence the higher dosage for myself!

As for brands to take that are good quality, I wouldn’t know what’s available to you there that would be good. Might be worth asking the doc or a pharmacist?!?

Good luck!

4 years ago

I use the drops, I find it easier than taking a whole bunch of pills, I have enough of those already! I’ve also read it is more easily absorbed in that form

4 years ago

@missytiggy I take some small tiny bead things I got from my local health store, I have just checked on amazon to see if they sell them and they do. Mine cost £10 so exactly the same on amazon. I copied the text here it is:

Pharma Nord 125µ Bio-Vitamin D3 D-Pearls 40 Tablets
by Pharma Nord

I also took them to the docs n he said yup there fine x

4 years ago

My local MS Treatment Centre sells a years supply of 5,000iu vitamin D3 for about £11.

You might want to contact your local Centre and see if they can supply some. You can find their details here :- (I hope it’s local to you).

The Centre might also be able to offer other treatments/therapies that might interest you.

If they don’t supply vitamin D3, then search Amazon for “Vitamin D3 5000 iu” and they’ll give you a list of options…….

4 years ago

You might be able to get a prescription from your GP as your consultant has specifically recommended the Vitamin D tablets for your MS.

Do bear in mind though that the NICE guidelines say that there is no decent evidence that Vitamin D levels above the standard recommendation have any beneficial effect for MSers. The guidelines do say that you need to get enough to keep you levels at the recommended amount (>25nmol/l) – and a lot of people are below that level.

4 years ago

Should add that 25nmol/l to 50nmol/l is still considered insufficiency. Some consultants aim at 100nmol/l but greater than 250nmol/l may cause problems.

4 years ago

Thanks for your replies everyone. @stumbler I will indeed contact the ms therapy centre. I knew about it but didn’t know they might sell supplements. Thanks again 🙂

3 years ago

Good neurologist, some are really far behind on reading the research on how beneficial this is for the immune system in MS. I take this one every second day, will last me 2 years for 20 GBP – bargain,

Important to note that people need to ‘boost’ themselves up to increase their blood level, so I took 2 a day for a week. I have had no side effects from that. Vitamin D is like a reservoir, you’re always need to top it up as it evaporates, but to actually increase it need to throw a bit more at it.

3 years ago

Hi @misstiggy I used to take Vit D3 5,000 ui which I bought via amazon all seemed legit (which I’m sure they were) but I was at 54 (normal range 50-150) so low but not deficient and then I took my 5,000 ui for 8 months before I had another blood test to see how well I’d done on them but as it turned out to be a reading of 36 I had become deficient so my GP prescribed 3.200 capsules and I have yet to see if they are making a difference… (Blood test in a month..) I would recommend that you go to your GP or MS nurse for a full blood test as if you are low in other nutrients/vitamins it can prevent the absorption of Vit D3 like it did for me.. 🙂 Good luck with yours 🙂

3 years ago

Hi…I asked my Dr. for a prescription for vitamin D. It ends up being cheaper than over the counter. I also take 5000 per day

3 years ago

My doctor recommended me the Sundown 5000UI medication. He told me he could trust Sundown brand.


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