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Vitamin D trials Australia

Hi everyone,

So today I have been accepted on to a Vitamin D trial that they are current running here in Australia.

Basically they are out to discover if vitamin D has any benefit in reducing relapse rate or can help protect those at high risk of developing MS.

There are countless theories and statistics about geographical locations and the incident rate of MS development and it comes as no surprise that there are more MS suffered from parts of the world that receive less sunlight.

I’ll be getting MRI’s every three months and watched like a hawk from the neuro team. I’ll try and find out as much as I can as the trial progresses and keep you all updated.

In the meantime, I’ve been told that it can’t hurt to take vitamin D so for those of us that haven’t already got on to our GP’s about it it might be worth a try!

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4 years ago

Hope it help 🙂

4 years ago

@saraha84 , what daily dosage doe the trial involve?

There’s a fair few of us that have already seen the stories on this and are now taking 5,000iu per day, with or without our Doctor’s help.

4 years ago

Hi Stumbler,

There are four dose levels in total starting with the placebo, 1,000, 5,000 and finally 10,000.

Seeing as there is so much research going on about vitamin D there has to be some benefit in it. I just hope I haven’t been given the placebo sugar pill!

4 years ago

Good luck on the trial :-). BTW, do you know how high your vit D is before the trial?
I just wonder why they are doing it in Australia ( I thought there is a lot less sunshine and a much higher risk of low vit D in places like Scotland?). What if they find it does not help ( as everybody has a relatively high levels from before anyway?)

4 years ago

@caterpillar There’s an abundance of sunshine in Australia but not everyone spends a lot of time outdoors on a daily basis. The study I believe is to determine if MS can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency or if people who have MS somehow don’t absorb vitamin D as readily as other people or if msers use it at a faster rate so therefore require more.

4 years ago

I’m on 5,000 per day. Off my own back, plus just started turmeric capsules. Fingers crossed for everyone.

4 years ago

I personally don’t believe MS is caused by lack of vitamin d but it is a very good anti inflammatory so will be of benefit to MS.. My level has always been fine!

Maybe the vitamin d and MS connection is because our MS bodies can’t process it … In fact we probably can’t process a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as we should!

At least the trials are happening & best of luck to you! 🙂


4 years ago

I think that MS is probably caused by a wide range of factors, including our environment, genetics etc.

The purpose of this study is to see if vitamin D can help slow the relapse rate and also help prevent MS for people who are considered at risk.

I’ve no idea what dose I’ve been given as its a blinded trial so it’s very much wait and see!

4 years ago

@saraha84 is this trial through Sydney Neurology? And how long does the trial go for?

4 years ago

@aussiekylie I’m going through the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle but I’m pretty sure the the trial is also being conducted through other places all over Australia. I think there are a few hospitals in NZ that are taking part too.

The trial is running for 12 months.

3 years ago

@saraha84 how are you? Hope you’re doing well and the vitamin D trial has been beneficial Have you had any results from the trial yet or is it still ongoing?
Merry Xmas!

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