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Vit D3 – any suggestions for brands?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering what brands people prefer for Vit D3? Any preferences? Just about to order more and thinking I might check in with some fellow warriors to see what everyone’s thoyghts are. Thanks xx

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1 year ago

Hi Hels,

I am diagnosed CIS at the moment. I am taking 2000iu of D3 from a brand called Pure Essentials from Amazon. So far so good…



1 year ago

Hi @hels

I am taking the ‘BetterYou’ spray which I was recommended by the hospital. You can get it in Holland and Barrett and it comes in 3000iu (which I opted for) or 1000iu form.

I didn’t have my Vit D levels checked when I was ill and first diagnosed (last summer) so I don’t know if it is the spray or they were never too bad but they are now just above the recommeded upper limit. Presuming a lot of PWMS seem to have low Vit D levels when diagnosed it could well be that this spray has done the trick.

A spray seems good to me as it’s easy and not another tablet!

I take 5,000-10,000 international units per day, depending on time of year. I use a company called sun vitd3- I buy online.
I follow the OMS programme so also take the occasional mega dose too….

1 year ago

I take 4000 IU Vitabiotics Ultra Vitamin D3 Optimum Level 96 Tablets
From lloyds or Waitrose

1 year ago

I take 2000IU of ostelin liquid vitamin D per day. It raised my levels from below 40 to over 180 in around 7 months.

1 year ago

I’ve accidently deleted someone’s reply I think…I think they asked what brand I take? I take Holland and Barrett 1000IU x 2 tablets per day.

Just had a VitD test so I’ll know next week what my levels are like.

Thanks for all your replies guys @kase, @mmhhpp, @shatteredteacher, @rambles, @caseyxo and @stumbler (think I deleted your comment???)


@hels One thing to consider is many of these as you seem to be concerned are not totally reliable. Given how important it is, we hedge in our family and buy two brands. Since my wife is checked every 3-6 months for vitamin D if the level drops we would look into it. But if you get something thats to not effective you wont go the whole time on a much lower dose.

1 year ago

Hi Hels ,
I take 5,000 iu from Lindens , easy to swallow and reasonably priced .

1 year ago

@souljackerfool @californadreamin

Thank you both x

1 year ago

@hels , I’d be surprised if you had deleted any posts. Even I can’t do that!

Well, not from the “front end”, which is the view that users see. 😉

1 year ago

@stumbler I swear I saw a reply from you, it’s gone now anyway so I shan’t tax my brain anymore lol!!!

1 year ago

I was put on a 50,000 units a week dose and don’t know the manufacturer, but maybe this is something you could ask to be prescribed? I also get about 1000 a day from my multivitamin. Just got my first bloodwork since I began Ocrevus , so I’ll know soon if anything has changed from 8000 a day vit D.

1 year ago

Hi @hels I take 5000UI from GoNutrition – it’s a very small handy tablet & they come in 360 per pack…they do good sales on the website every now & then – I also get my Omega 3-6-9 from there and my VitaminB12

1 year ago

I researched this a good while back and my R&D concluded that softgels have best absorption; I recall finding some trials on NCBI to back this up but don’t have them to hand.

Couple of brands are Nutravita and Healthy Origins, both softgels.

I take high dose daily, currently 20K UI, moving to 60K UI daily imminently (I am following Coimbra Protocol – which has some strict criteria to follow, so I don’t recommend that dosage unless following CP and under supervision from a Drs).

Also worth adding, one of the Neuro’s I see is happy to recommend 20K UI without following CP !

1 year ago

I take liquid vd3 drops as my body has a problem absorbing it . Also it’s good to take with vitamin K it helps absorb.

I use solgar seems a okay brand

1 year ago

I use the spray from Holland & Barrett. But that’s only 3000 units and the neuro recommended 5000, so my GP prescribed some from the local pharmacy. It was meant to be 60 tablets but they ran out quicker than 60 days I think! So instead of getting another prescription at £8.60 I’ve ordered the next lot online. Innopure 4000 units, £12.50 for a year’s supply and I’ll keep using the spray too.

1 year ago

WoW! Thank you for all the advice guys, much appreciated x

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