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Very strange symptoms

Hi all, I had the weirdest symptoms last night. I could not stand anything touching my skin. I always get weird sensations on the back of my hands I hate anyone touching the back of my left hand. It was a very warm night so I would say that was the reason my symptoms flared up. The feeling I was having was like the feeling you get when someone drags fingernails down a chalk board almost to the point of nausea. Does anyone else get this symptom?

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4 years ago

Hi there, I had a similar symptom a while ago for a week or so. my torso and legs were weirdly numb and when I asked my fiancé for a little rub, thinking it might help, I couldn’t stand it. It was like he had hands of sandpaper…. So, it’s not exactly the same, but I’d say it’s related.
Has it improved?

4 years ago

Hi Mika, I think it’s definitely along the same lines, yes it did improve by the morning. I am not a doctor and maybe my choice of treatment was nothing more than coincidence/mind over matter/tiredness but I took a Neurofen tablet(thinking the anti-inflammatory might help) then rubbed a cold pack over myself to cool down? I am just glad I could sleep again.

4 years ago

Hi, these sorts of sensory symptoms can be really weird! I had the oddest thing not long after I was diagnosed where the skin on part of my my stomach/abdomen was excessively sensitive (painfully so) if I gently touched it with my fingers but absolutely fine if a) I touched/prodded through clothing or b)someone else touched it. Really freaked me out for a bit as it was so strange but it had occurred when I had a cold and went away again shortly after. It was around this time that I started talking about my MS in terms of my loopy wiring! Hope it goes away for you soon! x

4 years ago

I do get occasional weird sensations. The left side of my torso tends to feel really hot though not to touch. I guess that’s the “fun” bit with my relapses so far, no two are the same!

4 years ago

Hi, I do not like it when something cold is touching me. It sounds really silly but I was laying on the couch with the tv remote by my side, and it touched my arm, I couldn’t stand it.

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