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jman had posted an article mentioning this a few days ago, but I had no idea they already tried on humans, I wonder who signed up voluntarily for that study.

Well they’d have to climb up a fair way but perhaps they just eat away at the brain lesions!


Haha, not a pretty thought, but if it makes MS almost completely go away, it might be something worth a try. Who would have thought poor hygiene and bad drinking water could be so good for you 🙂

If thats the cure……….think I’ll stick with MS.

Oh gawd, that turned my stomach!! I’m with u Reddivine! xx

i’ve read of another study using parasites to help asthma. i think they used hook worms

I’d drink it if it’d help, no problem!

@funnybank, I believe the parasite used is in the hook worm and round worm family. @CaptainKristoff, I think I would try it also if they did a larger study to back up the absolutely amazing results they found with the original small study. No drug on the market has results like that. And it couldn’t be any worse for me than the crap I inject into my body every day now.

Wow….I’m speechless….

I wonder if they help you lose weight too????

hook worms are trematodes and are applied via the skin, round worm are nematodes and enter via the mouth. the nottingham asthma study didn’t get the results they were hoping for, but the study although a double blind placebo could have been flawed because of the length and number of worms applied. i’d volunteer for a trematode study.

…Interesting… I do like ‘natural’ treatments, but…

@funnybank, yes you are correct, the transdermal solution is maybe more frightening to me though, with that method the parasites enter the blood stream through the skin, end up in the lungs, then you cough up the eggs and swallow them into your digestive tract. Yum 🙂 @artisus, yeah that gives a new meaning to natural health care doesn’t it lol

Some one at work showed me this but I wasn’t sure what to make of it to be honest, I think I’d have to see a little more backup info

I’ve just been watching House M.D this week and there was an episode where they used the worms for an auto-immune disease.

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