msikib 26/04/18
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UK Tissue Bank

Can anyone tell me the phone number on the updated tissue bank donor card. I got a new card and put it in my wallet and didn’t chuck the old one so I don’t know which number gets called to gather my bits when I don’t need them anymore.

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1 month ago

@msikib , is this a general tissue donation, or specifically one for MS? If it’s the latter, then there’s a lot of information here:-—General-information-on-donation.pdf

1 month ago

Thanks for that, I found it through one of the links. The old card had 07556 number and the new one has 07566, so now the MS Tissue Bank will get my bits.

1 month ago

In the US the blood bank won’t take your blood if you have a auto immune disease. My mother had ALS and was disappointed that the tissue bank refused any donation from her. Potter

1 month ago

Have donated my brain and brain stem to ms research at the end of my days, if it does someone some good in the future and will help in the research that’s great.

The ms tissue bank no in England is 020 7594 9734 and is based at Imperial College London.

4 weeks ago

The blood thing is the same in UK, I was a donor and got retired from it when diagnosed with MS.

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