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Tysabri pain

Good day, everyone, I have a question and would appreciate some feedback. I find myself in a similar boat to Sarah in that I’ve been on Tysabri for some time (had my seventh infusion recently). During the last two weeks I have experienced crippling pain in my left foot. My big toe is the worst affected. I did wonder if it could be gout. I suffered from that occasionally pre MS diagnosis. The pain was terrible, and I never want to experience it again. However, there are some subtle differences. Firstly, the gout only lasted for 5 or 6 days before resolving. Secondly, the entire big toe would be so badly swollen that it was excruciating to even touch. At present, only part of my big toe is affected, albeit the majority, excluding the area around the nail. I have, however, experienced shooting pains in the nail-bed from time to time. The toes to the left of my big toe are also affected, but to a much lesser extent. I have also experienced shooting, would I would describe as “nerve pains”, across the top of my foot.

My already limited mobility is now even worse, as it hurts to put pressure on the ball of my foot. I have been treating it with rest and painkillers. Although it is not getting any worse, the improvement is painfully, if you will excuse the pun, slow.

I know that one of the advertised side-effects of Tysabri is joint pain, but I wasn’t expecting it to last this long. Is it just me, or has anyone else out there had a similar experience?

Thanks in advance.


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11 months ago

@wjgregg , I would either talk to your MS Nurse or your GP, whichever you can arrange first………

11 months ago

Thank you stumbler, impeccable advice as usual. It turns out that it was gout after all. As if MS wasn’t bad enough, the G.P. told me that gout attacks are likely to increase in severity and duration with increasing age. Hip, hip, bloody hoorah! Heh, ho – I’ve got some proper anti-inflammatory medication and I’m gradually getting back to “normal”, so life goes on.



2 months ago

Hey @wjgregg

After 73 ty infusions over 7 years I, apart from fatigue, never had any adverse affects.

Maybe it’s something else rather than Ty.

I honestly wouldn’t know.

2 months ago

Hi does anyone suffer from stomach cramps and bloated belly l seem to have it as soon as I get up until l go to bed l am on the tysabri infusion it can be really uncomfortable any help would be great thanks

2 months ago

I normally feel like crap after tysabri- my head feels funny – but I was delighted to see this post because I’ve had terrible trouble from one ankle so much so that I was put on another drug for arthritis- nobody linked joint pain with tysabri- foot up at the moment after rubbing in anti inflammatory ointment – I’ll be talking to the docs sometimes I wonder do the benefits out weigh the side effects!!!!

2 months ago

@amber_oneil , contact your MS Nurse to discuss this issue.

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