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Tysabri & avoiding illness

Letting off steam.

My friend and I planned an evening together tonight which has taken absolutely ages to organise and it is planned around a one-off event taking place tonight.

My friend has contacted me to say he’s got tonsilitis and is taking antibiotics so we should maybe cancel because it’s been drummed into me, which I’ve drummed into family&friends, that I must try and avoid sick people where possible because Tysabri is an immunosuppresant. He doesn’t think he’s contagious and I’m even toying with the idea of going because I have only had one infusion. Could my immune system have been weakened that much after one? Plus I already have a cold so might not be able to have my second infusion scheduled for Friday – I’m waiting for my ms nurse to get back to me.

I’m so annoyed. It’s taken so long to organise and we’re both so very disappointed!

What would you do? Scrap it or chance it? (I do deep down know the answer to this. I’m just in denial…)

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3 years ago

@poptart1977 , have a read through this :-

It appears there are two causes of Tonsilitis, viral and bacterial. These both have different periods during which they are contagious.

So, have a look at the ways this can be contracted and take sensible precautions.

And then monitor yourself and at any sign of trouble, get to the GP for a prescription.

Generally, just having MS is a cause to avoid any infection, as these cause “pseudo-exacerbations” of our MS symptoms.

Hope this helps. 😉

3 years ago

Cheers for that link Stumbler.

We ended up going ahead with our plans. I was very obsessive about keeping my distance, keeping hold of my glass, washing up before I ate or drank from anything and I even wiped a biro he’d touched before picking it up. I was making us both giggle like kids. I’m sure I’ll be fine as I was as careful as I could have been and we ended up having a good old laugh so pleased I didn’t cancel.

Thanks for taking the time to reply and again for the link 😊

3 years ago

@poptart1977 , I’m glad you persevered and had a good time. 😀

3 years ago

Hi @poptart1977 good on you for chancing it and meeting up with your mate…Glad to hear you had a giggle too 🙂

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