avrilt 13/02/17
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Tysabri and Weight

Hey All!

I have been on Tysabri for about 9 months now but I feel like I am well getting fat. I eat a lot less than I used too and it’s healthy stuff. I am getting more exercise as well – but I am still gaining weight. I know this can be a side effect of Tysabri but what else can I do? Did anyone else feel this way? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, cause this is just another thing that is getting me down and making me sad!

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1 year ago

@avrilt , you may be replacing fat with muscle? You may want alter your training regime to concentrate on cardio-vascular…………..

1 year ago

I’m starting Tysabri soon, hoping not to put weight on as recently lost 5st with Slimming World.

1 year ago

I have been on Tysabri since December 2009, I have noticed weight gain in the past few years but I can attribute this to eating better and living in a hotter climate and thus not being so physically active. I don’t believe Tysabri causes weight gain but then side effects and symptoms vary from one MSer to the next so I would definitely discuss it with your neurologist/GP.

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