anxious123 03/05/17
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Two questions..massages and headaches..

1 are massages ok with ms or can they cause relapses?
2 are headaches a symptom of ms …wondering if its just psychological but feel as though i cam feel the lesions?

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9 months ago

@anxious123 in answer to your questions:-

1. Massages shouldn’t cause any problems and should provide benefits. You’ll have to see how you get on with this.

2. There’s been some studies of headaches and MS :-

9 months ago


9 months ago

hi anxious123, I suffered with chronic headaches right at the very start before being sent to my nuerologosit , my doctors thought it was just chronic migraines but it wasn’t anything I had ever experienced before they were horrible, it wasn’t until my neurologist did some tests that he started to link them with the headaches and other symptoms , do you get them everyday? x

9 months ago

I have a friend whose practice hesitates to massage MSers, but my doctor has sent me for deep tissue massage before and that was fine.

I too get major headaches but don’t know if it’s an MS thing of if I’m just a person who gets headaches.

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