antonettefick 09/04/18
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Morning all.. Is anyone on this site using Tuvigin (clone for Gilenya).

Im waiting for the medz, juat want to know if I should expect any side effect, other than what is mentioned?

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2 weeks ago

@antonettefick , I can’t find anything about this drug.

As far as Gilenya is concerned, its patents don’t seem to expire until 2019.

Do you have any further details that you can share?

2 weeks ago

That is exactly the reason why I asked here.. Looks like I’m going to be the human guinea pig..

I will let you know when I get mine and then i will try and post the package insert

2 weeks ago

Tuvigin and Gilenya are both trademarks owned by the same pharma company, Novartis. Perhaps Tuvigin is their follow-on drug for when the gilenya patemts expire?

1 week ago

I am supposed to be starting on Tuvigin soon – just waiting formy medical aid to approve cover for it. As my doctor explained it to me it is the exact same drug as Gilenya (clone not a generic). Novartis clone their own drug and give it a different name to make it pointless for other companies to try and make a generic and so protect their product. Either way, I’m keen to start it soon! But haven’t heard of any side effects yet – sorry! But I’ll let you know!

4 days ago

@revscott I was approved for Tuvigin on Monday (yay for me) and thank goodness my medical aid pays it in full.

I am still waiting for my FDO appointment, have you done your FDO?

also hoping there is no serious side effects…

I hope the Tuvigin works better for you… Good luck

4 days ago

I haven’t used this but I’ve been with avonex needles and the side effects are bad but after a year my doctor moved me to CBD concentrate medical cannibus oil which doesn’t give side effect or get you high and it’s simply oil you swallow takes 2hrs to take effect and last for 8hrs and I’ve seen major improvement with this. I was against cannibus for long time and kept refusing to use it but this was a good step I took been feeling great since I’ve been using it and my legs aren’t hurting as bad as they used to and I can now walk without crutches or a cane.

2 days ago

@antonettefick, I found this which might be helpful . . . .

@freddygiguere, that’s great news!

2 days ago

@revscott I have read that article previously.

@freddygiguere I cannot go the CBD way as I work in the mining environment, and they have a strict zero tolerance policy.. Also it is not yet 100% legal in RSA.

Glad it works though.. I used to be on Avonex, and it SUCKED. Worst flu symptoms after the shot.. I usually took my shot on a Friday afternoon so that I have the whole weekend to recover…

1 day ago

Hmmm when I talk to doctor he said it was fine to work with, it’s my legal here yet but medical wise it’s ok if prescribed too and I work in the oilfield and since it’s CBD and not THC they didn’t care since it doesn’t affect you mentally like a street drug and in the oilfield there is a 0 tolerance for drugs and alcohol but my boss has no problem all I need was a letter from the doctor describing what it does and why.

Oh I know I was on avonex needles the suck soooo bad. Which was the reason my doctor looked for a different way to deal with all this.

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