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1 year ago

Happy New Year to you too, @hasti18 .

I can’t see a problem with Turmeric. It’s used in most Asian cuisine and I doubt if you’ve been advised to avoid this……….

1 year ago

Thanks stumbler. I didn’t think it would but just checking as it can react with things oddly🤔

1 year ago

Food with turmeric is delicious, I love curries. Turmeric, however, isn’t absorbed appreciably into the bloodstream (>1%). Even if it was, it has a half-life of minutes. Plus, its activity in bench top assays is spurious, due to the properties of the molecule. It’s a PAIN (pan-assay interference compound). It won’t help your MS.

1 year ago

It helps with inflammation doesn’t it? I’ve read you need to take it with a fat like coconut oil for the body to absorb it? Also takng with black pepper?

1 year ago

Yes its fine! I was taking curcumin tablets for a while, which is similar to tumeric and good for inflammation. I should get back on those!

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