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Trying to remember the name …

Hi. I saw a neuro today and my balance was a bit off so she recommended some special exercise as it related to one of the ear canals. Anyway, trying to google it as I understand what I need to do (hold my neck, throw myself to the left or right whilst holding my head at 45 degrees) but can’t remember the name of it. I know it’s not the Alexander technique and I know I’ve heard of it before but not a clue now what it’s called. It’s not ebstein but was sure it was something similar … probably got it completely wrong. Can anyone help?! Thanks. X

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1 year ago

@mrss2008 , the term you’re looking for is “The Epley manoeuvre”, which is used to treat a condition called, “Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)”.

1 year ago

Thanks @stumbler, you oracle you! You know everything. Much appreciated. Xx

1 year ago

My GP did epsley manoeuvre on me… it didn’t work… it’s actually when the doctor sat up and took my vertigo seriously and introduced me to a Neuro.
Not sure this well this move works on ms related vertigo as it’s neurological rather than physical… I just got really dizzy and more.

I’m obvs not a doctor tho, so maybe I just wasn’t doing it right. Hope this passes quickly, vertigo is super frustrating. Xxx

1 year ago

My husband has been properly diagnosed with BPPV by several neuros (it’s me with the MS!) . The definitive test that the last neuro did was the Dix-Hallpike test which really set off his symptoms.

He was referred to a neuro-physiotherapist who did the Epsley manoeuvre on him which helps to move the crystals around in the ear – this is what causes it, I understand. He had some exercises and has another appointment with her tomorrow.

I can’t imagine that this would apply to an MSer, but actually I’ll ask her tomorrow. My balance tends to go a bit ‘off’ too but I thought it was an MS thing i.e. one of the many symptoms we’re stuck with!


@mrss2008 my understanding is that if the balance/vertigo/dizziness is caused by ear crystals being offset then the Epley manoeuvre is great but, the problems can be caused by lesions in the brain which affect balance etc. Unfortunately it won’t work for this.

What i’m saying is ‘don’t be too disheartened if it doesn’t work’. It’s just another symptom us MSers have to deal with!!


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