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Training at work , two days of exams.


Mild RRMS but have have an ever increasing awareness of cognitive decline.

I’m currently doing a two week course at work that’s quite intensive on note taking/listening and will require two official written exams at the end .
People are wearing coats indoors and i’m red hot in shirt getting fatigue already, i secretly stuck air con back down to 22’c rather than 24.5 . How can anyone function in that heat! lol

My spelling has become quite bad over the last 2 years and explaining things feels more difficult than it used to be. I’m taking a lot of notes at the moment but worry about passing the exams because of my spelling and speed.

What kind of accommodations am i entitled to make things easier for me during the course and exam. Can i ask for more time? I’ve realised i need the best i can get for me and my condition rather than just putting up / keeping quiet about it.


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1 year ago

@mcewthom , they should take your MS into consideration and take steps to “level the playing field”.

Are your employers aware of your condition? This would help your case as they have an obligation under the Equalities Act 2010, to make reasonable adjustments for you.

You’ll have to ask the question…………

1 year ago

Hi @mcewthom I had a similar scenario when I was at work (before kids). I had to do a PRINCE2 course for my role and it was a one week intensive course with a pass or fail at the end. Looking back now I would have handled it differently. My employers were really understanding, but it was the way I handled it by trying to pretend I didn’t have ms! So what would I have done:
-rested more/meditated/listen to music during my breaks.
-taken time away/fresh air
-dressed more comfortabley
-energised myself with healthy juices and water and only going for coffee as a last resort caffeine hit/green tea also has caffeine!
-snack on fruit & veg
-can you use a tablet/computer for taking notes, would that be easier?
-could you bring a fan in and cool down that way?
-try and stay calm. I got into a right pickle and really didn’t need to.

Btw I passed and I’m sure you will too ✅

1 year ago

If you don’t ask you certainly don’t get,
that about covers it 🙂

1 year ago

Try working with a word to text program like Dragon Speak. This might help. I have used it to dictate all my notes and some of my thesis.
I would ask for accommodations. Is it possible that part of the training can be done on-line? In my profession, most of the continuous training can be done on-line.
I would ask for extra time to do the exam and that the space in where you write your exams be accommodating to your needs. It may be possible for you to complete the exam in an office that has better climate control because that is a medical need.
Most colleges and training centres make allocations for learning needs, (access to power point presentations, extra session(s) with the instructor(s), attendance leniency, allowing you to leave when you are fatigued even if the class is not over, and a quiet, rest space for you during the day where you can relax and recover, thus allowing you to return to class prepared to continue learning).

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