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To b Gluten Free or not 2 b Gluten Free?

That is the question?! 😛

Right I am on my last day the Whole30 diet, 30 days of nothing but whole foods and I have never felt so good, fatigue is almost a thing of the past! 😛
And as of tomorrow I will start to reintroduce food groups to see what still likes me and what really does not!

I have really missed tea and toast, white toast of course….with peanut butter n raspberry jam….so unhealthy I know but oh so tasty!

Anyway I really don’t want to undo the past 30 days by diving straight back into bad habits.
So i thought going gluten free might help?

Are any of you on gluten free diets and if so what would you say the benefits are?

Any thoughts would be great!
Thank you xxxxx

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3 years ago

when you say whole foods, where you still eating cereal and wholemeal bread……so gluten but unprocessed? Just wondering as I am wanting to change my diet to whole foods but not sure whether to keep the gluten or not

3 years ago

I’ve been told that replacing wheat with spelt may give similar benefits. It has gluten but it’s better tolerated (by the digestive system) than wheat. I know the idea is catching on because I’ve started to see spelt products in the supermarkets.

3 years ago

Im giving gluten free a go just because there are a lot of doctors who actually advocate gluten free (but they don’t go as far to say diet plays a role in ms)

3 years ago

Thanks for all the replies ladies!

No @amylee I had no grains or pulses during Whole30, it was just meat, veg, fruit and nuts!
Have a look on here and check out whole30recipies on instagram, really tasty recipes on there!

Ooh thanks @cameron I will check it out!

@aussiekylie go you! I think I need to be all or nothing, so I am going back to Whole30 on Monday as my fatigue has been playing up and my skin is not as clear! And dont worry that wasn’t down to gluten free just down to me eating rubbish!
So just had my last take away and a glass of wine and I will eat clean starting from Monday! 😛

Good luck with all your diet decisions! <3 xxx

3 years ago

Hi, I have been following a gluten free,wholefood, saturated fat free, diet for a long time. I am also following the OMS (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) diet. If you are interested there is a large group of MS people who are following this diet. It was originated by Prof. George Jelinek who is an Australian with a history of MS but niow appears to be clear. His story is very interesting and the OMS society will send free books to anyone with MS to help us.

If you do a websearch on Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis George Jelinek it will bring the site up for you. Well worth a visit.

Love and hugs.


3 years ago

I started doing G/free seemed ok but then not a good day, couldn’t blame the food just one of those days. The brain is an amazing thing and like the placebo affect?? Would we feel just as good eating healthy not specifically expensive G/free?? My MS nurse says diet is rubbish moderation is the key. I can’t walk after a big meal. So little and often now, seems to work,, some days. Lol.

3 years ago

I have been gluten free for nearly 6 years I have my moments when going out for dinner and there is no gluten free option. I feel good but I feel I can do more for myself and stricter with my general diet. I have noticed diary is a major problem because I love icecream and notice I get pain in my legs and arms so thats something I have to learn to avoid, I am diary free for 10 years because I could never tolerate diary.

I have read many books and they all seem similar, low fat diet gluten free etc. I have now decided to stop rice because grains aren’t that good that I have read. I believe gotta try anything and everything you just never know and everyone is different.

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