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Tired of fatigue

It’s alright people advising that with MS you have to make adjustments for the fatigue but it’s getting silly when it restricts you doing anything! Have you found any magic solutions or techniques for dealing with fatigue?

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1 year ago

Hi, I find when I eat certain foods my fatigue is much worse so I follow a strict no gluten,sugar,no dairy, low fat its hard to follow but for me worth it, also feel much better when I exercise, hope you find something to help you fatigue is one of the worse things of ms.

1 year ago

Hi @mrratcatcher yes I agree with @ simone2. I’m legume free as well and only eat the good fats. I also build in rest everyday. Yoga is great there are some good postures depending on how mobile you are and most are adaptable. Do you take supplements/have you been tested, as you may be sufficient somewhere?

Good luck

1 year ago

What I find helps is staying active resistance training and cardio abd weights(pushing yourself just enough) and caffeine. A nice black cup of coffee! 🙂 Be aware that you shouldn’t abuse caffeine, and I find you should supplement with caffeine when you need it. On an on off basis so it remains effective without you building a high tolerance.

Give it a go! 🙂

1 year ago

I generally can’t be bothered – all the dietary advice of not eating this and that makes me exhausted. I am not aware of being deficient in anything – all the blood tests I’ve had have been ok. I did buy a Nutri Ninja which I find is great and consume 1 smoothy of various fruit and veg every day. I do not binge on any particular thing and eat very little chocolate and other sinful foods. Apart from the odd pack of Space Raiders I do not eat crisps. I have recently tried Huel – the non-sweetened unflavoured one – and found it absolutely disgusting (like trying to drink liquid cardboard). I have tried exercise but found it incompatible with my MS. I did have an exercise bike but could’t manoeuvre myself up onto it! I can understand why people get fed up but do not think it’s depression as such. Life is relentless.

1 year ago

I found that going to my local MS therapy Centre and having Oxygen Therapy on a regular basis helped hugely with tiredness (I don’t call what I have fatiue becuse it never stops me doing anything, just makes it harder – and yes I know I’m probably kidding myself) It helps hugely with brain fog and general aches and pains too. xx

Hi @mrratcatcher! Try discussing certain food supplements/vitamins with your doc, like vitamin B complex, Omega 3-6-9 complex or magnesium. It is common for athletes to take those supplements to improve training performance, I find those to improve my overall performance. Good luck!

1 year ago

I find that I have to work & then rest before the next bout of activity, even washing up is a challenge these days. If I do do any exercise, then it’s swimming, it doesn’t matter how bad my balance is in water, but I do have to do it in the morning, I’m just too tired after lunch.

1 year ago

As others mentioned changing my diet has had a huge impact – I definitely feel it when I’m not as strict…which tends to happen when we have friends visting and go out for meals. I don’t follow a particular diet but I cut our cow milk and cheese, soy, processed sugars, processed foods (I grew up meat free so that’s not been an issue) and added nuts, lots of fruits and veggies – I also started to experiment with dinner and cook 99% of the time – due to the nothing processed part and I make my own healthy snacks like flapjacks and energy bites to make sure I don’t snack on chocolate. I’m a strict as I can be but if I had a good food day I allow myself a chocolate every now and then….I added some suplements such as Vitamin D, Omega 3 &6, Vitamin B12 and a low dose vitamin C. Another thing that helps me a lot is a morning stretch – I use an app called sworkit and made my own programmes – depending how fit/mobile I am (they have seated stretches or low impact ones) and I do 10-15min every morning – research shows that morning exercise helps with productivity and I will have a bad afternoon if I didn’t do my stretches in the morning. Recently I started to go to Body Balance once a week – which is offered at my local gym. It’s 50 minutes in the veneing and I can go straight to bed afterwards ~9pm but I am so much better and more energised into the weekend.
As with so many other things different things will work for different people – try things out and track how it works and thend ecide what to stick to

1 year ago

This is an excellent tip, thank you Stephz

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