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1 month ago

Here is a quick 10 minute video thats a good start:

For something longer here are two i would recomend:

1 month ago

@bonang1975 , see if there is anything in this booklet which may help :-

4 weeks ago

Thanx heaps mate ill definately look into that👍

4 weeks ago


11 hours ago

Hi Anthony,
Just signed up this week and notice a post of yours about fatigue, for if have a neurologist to ask about a medication D-AMPHETAMINE SALT COMBO for it will give you ”pep” during the day and able to sustain you during the day. For I take it when I feel fatigue coming on. They do come in different strengths. For I hope this helps.

8 hours ago

Thanx for the imput👍

6 hours ago

With reference to the “amphetamine salt combo” , one such drug is Adderal, which is linked to addiction and reports of stroke and sudden death. This wouldn’t be available in the UK.

Another possibility is Modafinil (Provigil). Possibly a better option.

5 hours ago

As an old hat at this, power naps work if you can If I know I’m going to be tied
Up all day, especially in the afternoon, I take a pill and that usually works😍

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