lina 16/10/14
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Tinnitus (ringing in the ears)

Anyone experience Tinnitus saw GP about something else ask her about it and she said nothing can be done i.e. treatment if you have had how was it treated.


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3 years ago

@lina , there’s a fair bit of information available here :-

10 months ago

Thanks for your reply @stumbler, it was helpful to me but I am so pi$$ed off that not much can be done? this condition has driven me crazy for a few years.
I just searched this subject and came across this old post?
For me I have 4 (approx) sounds that I constantly hear when it’s quiet,
1. Constant humming like a distant generator or Amp,
2. Constant high pitched ringing like an idle TV with no input?
3. My Heartbeat (which is handy to know it’s working LOL)
4. My breathing through my Nose/Sinuses? I don’t snore or breathe loud it’s just I hear it loud in my ears?
Be great if there was a tablet for numbing the ear drum/bones?

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